Nikki Gil is No. 20 Most Beautiful Filipina

Nikki Gil
When Nikki Gil appeared for the first time in the Coca-Cola commercial, many were immediately smitten by her sweet singing voice and very congenial personality. The commercial was instrumental to Gil’s ascent in show business, and the jingle became a national anthem of sorts.

Nikki’s sunshiny persona brightens the boob tube in ASAP ’06, Breakfast Surprise, and MYX. She also hosted the daily reality search show Pinoy Dream Academy. Her voice constantly fills the airwaves as songs from her self-titled album, like “Sakayan ng Jeep” and “Glowing Inside,” have become easy listening tunes favored by the young. Her star reaches bling-bling proportions as she, together with Singapore’s Alicia Pan and Malaysia’s Vince Chong, sings “Breaking Free,” one of the sound tracks of the Disney Channel’s original movie High School Musical.

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