The Longest Bridge in the World

Talking about the world's largest and tallest infrastractures, here's another one: the Longest Bridge in the World. By 2012, this bridge will connect Sicily to Italy.

The 3.8 billion euro bridge will cross the Strait of Messina with a single 3300 metre central span, eclipsing the current longest span of the Akashi Kaikyo bridge in Japan (1991 metres) by two thirds again. The bridge’s total length will be 3,666 metres, with a deck of 60.4 metres, six traffic lanes, two service lanes and two railway lines. The bridge’s statistics dwarf all of the World’s Greatest Bridges.

Well we can beat that. We will have a bridge that will connect Luzon to Vizayas and Vizayas to Mindanao. Dreaming!

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