Starmometer’s Current “Hot 15” Choices to Win Miss Universe 2006

Here is our latest "beautimometer" reading for the hottest contestants who will most likely to be crowned the most beautiful in the whole universe. In today's tally, we have a new leader---Alice Panikian of Canada. Is it possible to have a back-to-back Miss Universe since last year's winner is from Canada, too? With a stunning beauty like Alice's anything is possible!

Previous leader, Colombia, went down 1 notch at no. 2. USA, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Aruba also lost some grounds. Those who gained higher positions are Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico. India enters the hot 15 list again for the second time. And our new entry in the hot list is no other than Miss Egypt.

Bubbling Up: South Africa, Venezuela, France, Pero, Brazil, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro, Poland and Japan. 

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