‘A Soldier’s Heart’ Earns Praises for Realistic Portrayal of Filipino Soldiers

The realistic portrayal of soldiers and their struggles in the military in ABS-CBN’s “A Soldier’s Heart” has earned the praise and approval of real-life soldiers.

In a series of reaction videos posted on social media, Corporal Jovelyn Gonzaga, Captain Jeffrey Buada, and Staff Sergeant Joey De Guzman said they see themselves in the action-drama’s characters as they risk their lives for the country.

Gonzaga could not help but recall the tough times she had upon entering the military as she watched the rigorous training the characters went through in the series.

“In those six months of training, everything was there. I experienced not being able to take a bath for three days. I would wake up at 4 AM, then sleep at 10 PM,” said Gonzaga. “But after that, it was so worth it because your personality and perspective in life would totally change.”

De Guzman, a battle casualty whose left arm was severed after an explosion, almost turned emotional as he watched a scene where the lead characters were in the middle of a gruesome battle, sharing that he himself almost died while in combat.

“I remembered what happened to me in Jolo. Shots were fired until I was hit. My left arm was severed,” he tearfully said. “(But) disability is not a hindrance to serve the country. Life goes on.”

Buada, on the other hand, recalled his deceased comrade who died while in service as he witnessed the death of Ketchup Eusebio’s character.

“It’s painful to see your comrades falling down, getting hit. Then you’ll receive news that they did not survive. Every time we remember those moments, we feel the pain resurging,” he shared.

Meanwhile, the series will continue to bring gripping and emotional revelations as Alex (Gerald Anderson) and his comrades finally become scout rangers and go on their first mission. On the other hand, Yasmin’s (Irma Adlawan) pursuit for a peaceful life is instantly cut short as she was reminded of the tragic death of her husband and son after her chance encounter with Minda (Mickey Ferriols), the wife of Dante (Rommel Padilla), who Yasmin considers the person who destroyed her family.

Will the soldiers still successfully preserve peace and save innocent lives?

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