Step Into the World of Violette Wautier’s Single ‘Dancing On A Graveyard’ and Feel the Intensity Firsthand!

Violette Wautier makes a grand comeback in 2024 with her deeply expressive single, “DANCING ON A GRAVEYARD.” Recently honored as the “Best Female Artist” at the prestigious Guitar Mag Awards, she continues to captivate audiences with her profound storytelling and exceptional musical talent.

Not only secure the title of “Best Female Artist,” but she also took home the award for “Best Drama Song” with her track (Time Travel) from the popular drama “Love Destiny 2”, reuniting with composer Narongvit. Additionally, she had a chance to perform at world-class music festivals like “SUMMER SONIC 2024” in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, and “SUMMER SONIC BANGKOK 2024” in Thailand.

Violette Wautier’s dream of becoming a global artist remains unwavering and burns brighter than ever. She has tirelessly developed herself, learning and evolving on her musical path by weaving personal experiences and those around her into her music with intricate lyrics and captivating melodies. Her latest single marks her first English release in over four years.

“DANCING ON A GRAVEYARD” explores the paradoxical concept of a “relationship graveyard” – how can one find happiness while another suffers from pain, betrayal, and emotional turmoil? Her lyrics capture this contrast, likening it to dancing on the grave of a past relationship.

Fans may recall an early piano version of this song as it was originally written in 2021 and previously performed on social media and the show “Piano & I”, captivating audiences with its raw emotion. The newly released version of “DANCING ON A GRAVEYARD” features a more upbeat tempo and a striking music video where Violette Wautier dances in an actual graveyard, with choreography designed to enhance the song’s storytelling. Despite its poignant storyline, the dance adds another dimension to the portrayal of relationships through Violette Wautier’s signature storytelling style.

Back in 2020, Violette Wautier made quite the splash as another rising star in the music realm with her debut English album, “Glitter and Smoke,” celebrated for its upbeat pop tunes and diverse love stories, all while maintaining her distinctive style. Earlier this year, she released “ENVY,” a heartfelt wedding gift to her close friends Natty and Man, transforming the concept of envy into a positive expression of love – I envy myself for having you as the love of my life. This song turned past Valentine’s Day into a celebration overflowing with warmth and joy, brimming with the essence of “ENVY.”

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