P-Pop Girl Group G22 Takes a New Genre With New Song, ‘One Sided Love’

Fast-rising P-Pop girl group G22 is making a much-awaited comeback with their new song, One Sided Love, out now on all music streaming platforms.

The Female Alphas of P-PopAfter signing with Republic Records Philippines in 2023, G22 has been steadily cementing themselves as “P-Pop’s female alphas.” True to their name, G22 is known for their empowering songs and explosive live performances.

Composed of three young, beautiful, unique, and talented members, AJ, Jaz, and Alfea, G22 has released seven original tracks (including One Sided Love) and has performed both locally and internationally. Fresh from their recent stint at the Chinese reality program Show It All, where they performed their hits Babalik and Boomerang, G22 is welcoming a new era with the release of One Sided Love.

A Mellow Take on Love

“It’s our first dive into soft pop, a mellow genre that is great for easy listening,” G22 describes. “It feels light and refreshing.”

New listeners may be surprised at G22’s foray into a new genre since the group has mainly dropped energetic, hip hop-influenced tracks in the past. But their fans, officially dubbed Bullets, have had a taste of G22’s strong vocal performance against softer instrumental backing with Musika, the group’s first release since their lineup change in 2023.

It seems that the members themselves are excited to try their hand at extending their musical range. “This song was actually recorded and finalized around November 2023,” the members divulge. “We were so LSS and eager to share it, and it was really difficult to keep it a secret!”

So much was G22’s excitement that their creative juices were flowing freely, resulting in three different versions of choreography for the song. “That’s why in our final output, we have three different choruses.”

Bullets can stream the said dance performance video starting April 27.

Translating the Ache Into a Song

The easy, mellow sound of One Sided Love hides a hurt that the members translate perfectly with their soft yet emotional delivery. The lyrics narrate their hurt as they yearn and watch the object of their affection show their love for another.

Baka sa mundo mo pwede ako sumali, andito ako sa tabi, naghihintay ng paki,” the members yearn, right from the beginning of the song. “That’s my favorite line,” lead vocalist and lead dancer Alfea reveals. “It’s because this line shows the strong love of someone for another person, that even if someone you love doesn’t love you back, you still have the heart to continuously love them.

The song’s catchiest, LSS-inducing section is definitely its chorus, which blends the member’s vocals well. This part of the song is where the members try to minimize the pain of their unrequited love, as shown in the push and pull of this hook: “My heart aches, a little little, my heart breaks, right in the middle.”

They end the chorus with the lines “Alam ko nang mali, pag-ibig na patay-sindi,” but like any human being, they can’t help but fall in love even though there’s no guarantee that their feelings will be returned.

Though One Sided Love takes a lovesick, heartbroken route in its message, there are still glimpses of the empowered language that’s present in most G22 songs, like the line “Gera ng kaba, fire butterflies.” The line uses imagery that’s usually reserved for bravery, but also shows the group’s understandable susceptibility to unrequited love.

Loading Love and Content for Their Bullets

members are no strangers to one sided love, as revealed by Alfea. “I have experienced one sided love, and I didn’t really mind not being loved back, because I am content with loving someone without my feelings being reciprocated.”

This positive outlook on one sided love is echoed by the group’s main vocalist Jaz, who says that “one-sided love can be a teacher. It can show you the depth of your own capacity to care. Just keep your chin up, and know that brighter days are ahead!”

Aside from comforting their fans, they also relay their gratitude. “We just wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to all of you, our amazing Bullets,” the G22 members share. “Your constant love and support mean the world to us, and it fuels our passion to keep creating. Thank you for being on this journey with us. We couldn’t do it without you!”

True to their promise of creating for their Bullets, G22 has a lot more to offer with this comeback. Aside from the official single drop of One Sided Love, Bullets can also look forward to a dance performance of the song, as well as other surprises to be revealed soon.

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