Pyra Drops Debut Album, ‘Pyradise’

Multi award-winning artivist, Pyra, has unveiled her highly anticipated debut album, ‘PYRADISE’, marking a significant milestone in her groundbreaking career. Known for her own “Dystopian Pop” genre and commitment to addressing socio-cultural issues, Pyra’s album is evident in her artistry and vision. ‘PYRADISE’ will be made available on all major digital platforms on 19 April 2024, Friday.

The album, ‘PYRADISE’, is a bold exploration of themes of liberation and freedom, presented in a rebellious, punk spirit. Set in the dystopian world of 2084, the album tells a hero’s journey of sheer resilience on an island under dictatorship rule — PYRADISE.

Pyra explains, “‘PYRADISE’ is a dystopian state island ruled by a dictator, known as The Supreme Leader. In a time (or throughout history), where creating and consuming music and art is prohibited, I’m leading the opposition against the oppressive state as Resistance Unit Commander. I’m fighting against tyranny, and this album depicts the suffering and resilience of a female warrior.”

Leading ‘PYRADISE’ is ‘Wet’, a UK Garage Pop-inspired single by Pyra that stands as a bold declaration of female empowerment and challenging the status quo with its defiant lyrics. The track is a powerful symbol of taking charge, riding the crest of life’s challenges, and confronting them head-on. It draws from Pyra’s personal journey of overcoming oppressive systems within her family, the music industry, and the Thai government. ‘Wet’ is a fearless and unapologetic statement of strength and resilience, inspired by Pyra’s defiance against societal norms and her unwavering determination to forge her own path.

Pyra shares, “’Wet’ embodies the spirit of female empowerment, symbolizing the act of rising to the surface despite being thrown overboard to drown. It’s a metaphor for overcoming adversity and reclaiming power in the face of oppression.”

‘Wet’ will be released after the Songkran Festival in Southeast Asia on 16 April 2024 with an accompanying lyric video on Pyra’s YouTube channel.

Realness is the name of the game when it comes to Pyra’s music and ‘PYRADISE’ aims to not only challenge and fight against inequality but also empower fans to reclaim their creativity. Other tracks that have been released previously include, ‘petrol & matches’, which draws from Pyra’s personal experiences of being placed on a watch list by the military government, and forcing her to start a new life in London, while ‘cut my tongue’ is a Hyperpop metaphorical flip to her blacklisters. ‘new bitch’ on the other hand, addresses the toxicity of major labels and the expectations of the music industry.

As a multi-award-winning artivist, Pyra has garnered acclaim for her efforts to combat inequality and bring about positive change. Her ambition to “change the world” has been recognized by respected platforms such as Forbes, NY Times, NME, Vice, TEDx, Paper, Mixmag, MTV, Dazed, and i-D. Pyra’s captivating stage presence has earned her the title of “festival’s favorite”, with performances at prestigious events including Burning Man (US), The Great Escape (UK), and Garden Beats (SG).

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