Immense Into Alt-Pop Artist t024’s New Sensory Experience with ‘Cedarwood & Tangerine’

t024, the pioneering Korean Alt-Pop duo celebrated for their groundbreaking creativity, unveils their latest single “Cedarwood & Tangerine,” an intoxicating blend of ephemeral, vivid, and elusive nostalgia. This mesmerizing release signifies a noteworthy milestone for t024 as they continue to push the frontiers of musical innovation.

With “Cedarwood & Tangerine,” t024 ventures into uncharted territory by not only stimulating auditory senses but also invoking olfactory sensations. This groundbreaking approach aims to immerse listeners in a multisensory experience, blending the power of music with the evocative nature of scent.

The track expresses the trembling of the moment found in the fragments of memories chaotically placed in the ambiguity of the past moment, along with the confusing attraction, as an afterglow and lingering image. It deeply immerses one into the whirlwind of unforgettable emotions of that day.

“The key thing here is definitely the scent. You know how sometimes you randomly smell something and it just takes you back? Like, it brings up a picture in your head or a certain vibe, even if you can’t pinpoint all the details. I thought that was super interesting and it’s actually what got me to write this song. It’s all about those good vibes and memories that come flooding back because of a scent.” says Senji, singer-songwriter of t024 about the inspiration behind “Cedarwood & Tangerine”.

Nap!er, producer of t024 added: “I am satisfied with whatever emotions listeners feel upon hearing our music. A perfume with a lingering scent doesn’t necessarily have a very strong top note. Similarly, moments without such longevity can be even more precious. In music, too, the depth and duration of emotions each listening experience brings can vary. I believe that if there are emotions felt, every moment has its own significance and value.”

Cedarwood & Tangerine” creates a sophisticated and intense atmosphere by exquisitely blending various musical elements around a core band setup known for its rough sound texture. Breaking barriers within not only drawing from the Alt-Pop genre but also from Alt R&B, t024’s last digital single, ‘Complete Me,’ has captivated audiences worldwide with its audacious blend of raw, dynamically crafted strings and atmospheric sounds. Released to widespread acclaim last year, this track has garnered an outpouring of adoration from fans across the globe, revealing the new possibilities for t024.

The innovative duo is preparing to soon unveil their inaugural EP, introducing audiences to their intriguing musical concept that ingeniously intertwines olfactory nostalgia with auditory delight. Get ready to embark on a sensory journey like never before.About t024

t024, also known as ‘To Twenty Four’, comprises singer-songwriter Senji and producer Nap!er. The moniker t024 stems from their shared vision of crafting music tailored for the intimate hours between 2AM and 4AM, a time period synonymous with heightened emotional experiences. This particular time frame holds a significant allure for the duo, encapsulating the essence of the precious moments and profound sentiments they seek to convey through their musical compositions.

Specializing in the alternative Pop/R&B genre, t024 delves into the realm of easy-listening music, skillfully reinterpreting classic sounds from the 70s and 80s, including New Wave, Synth Pop, and College Rock. Their compositions are characterized by a poignant sense of nostalgia, coupled with intricate narratives that invite listeners on an emotive journey. Through candid lyrics and heartfelt melodies reminiscent of genuine conversations, t024 endeavors to bridge the gap between artist and audience, delivering raw, relatable emotions that resonate deeply.

Listeners are invited to explore t024’s music, where each track serves as a poignant vignette capturing everyday moments teeming with universal emotions. With t024, every song becomes a poignant snapshot of life, awaiting discovery and connection.

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