Samm and Nhiko Bond Over Music in MYX’s First Podcast ‘The Ripple’

VJ Samm Alvero and Nameless Kids’ lead vocalist Nhiko Sabiniano bring out their endearing personalities and shared love for music in MYX Global’s first-ever podcast “The Ripple,” a refreshing haven for artists and music enthusiasts to speak about unique stories that have created ripples in the industry.“We wanted to create a safe space for artists and people like me who genuinely love music to come together and talk about music,” said Samm in the podcast’s pilot episode.

The two, who instantly connected and became good friends after a Zoom interview in 2021, wanted to start a fun podcast and deep dive into the ripple effect of music on artists and music fans.

“The ripple effect shows the ups and downs of the journey of doing music and the effect that music gives to people,” explained Nhiko, noting that ‘the seemingly small drops musicians release end up creating big waves in the industry.’

Samm, a 2018 MYX VJ Search winner and longtime host of “MYXclusive,” and Nhiko, who is not just a singer but also a songwriter-producer, are perfect for the podcast as they are melophiles or lovers of music and they both have “self-deprecating sense of humor” according to Sam.

They also radiate sibling energy like no other, said MYX Global head for content and programming Nino Llanera. “Our hosts, VJ Samm and Nhiko, make the perfect duo to bring us hilarious banter, genuinely curious minds, and an ideal brother-and-sister/best friend-like synergy to carry the show,” teased Nino.

Joining Samm and Nhiko in the podcast’s second episode are members of the veteran rock band Sandwich, who divulge insights into their remarkable 26-year musical journey.

Catch new episodes of “The Ripple” on YouTube and Spotify every Monday (Manila, North and Latin America) and every Wednesday on the MYX Channel, available on SKYcable channel 23, Cignal channel 150, and other local cable service providers.

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