Online Stars Share How to Make it Big in Livestreaming

From sharing your talents to connecting with like-minded individuals worldwide, live streaming offers an exciting avenue for self-expression and community engagement. New to the scene or a seasoned pro, BIGO Live provides the perfect platform to showcase your unique talents, connect with a global audience, and make your mark in the digital realm.

Diana Zubiri, Mary Verallo, and Jovie Conception share the secrets of building a thriving live-streaming community and cultivating meaningful connections on platforms like BIGO Live. This comprehensive guide will help you begin and grow in live streaming through BIGO Live.

1. Authenticity is the Key: Be genuine in your content and interactions with your audience.

Show off your true colors and let your personality shine! Being authentic is not only refreshing but also irresistible to your audience. So, embrace your quirks, share your passions, and have a blast connecting with your viewers!

Mary Verallo, a pioneer member of Starlight PH and the top host of the PH-PTA2 family gives a piece of advice:

“In the realm of BIGO, authenticity is paramount. Drawing from your strengths and personality makes livestreaming much easier. Learning from seasoned hosts helps avoid repeating their mistakes, wholehearted commitment and effort are essential for success as a host. Half-hearted attempts yield limited results. In the BIGO world, the sky’s the limit for those who are willing to embrace challenges,” said Verallo.

2. Consistency Counts: Maintain a regular streaming schedule to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Keep the party going with a regular streaming schedule! Whether it’s a weekly dance-off or a daily chat session, consistency keeps the good times rolling and your audience coming back for more. So, pick a groove that works for you, and let the fun begin!

“Don’t focus on the numbers, especially when you’re new… just enjoy it then everything else will follow,” said Verallo.

3. Interact with Your Audience: Respond to comments, ask questions, and create polls to foster two-way communication with your viewers.

It’s not a party without some interaction! Get the conversation flowing by responding to comments, asking questions, and throwing in some polls for good measure. After all, live streaming is all about having a blast together!

4. Collaborate with Others: Partner with fellow hosts and influencers to reach new audiences and expand your network.

Two heads are better than one, especially when it comes to spreading the fun! Team up with other hosts and influencers to double the excitement and reach new audiences. Together, you’ll create an epic party that no one will want to miss!

5. Joining an agency to cultivate your talents and skills:

“It’s very hard to go from zero and just go live with no training or orientation…when I was just starting, I had so many questions and I had no one to ask, so when the agency came, I finally had a training ground and got the help that I needed.  I extend the same help now to my hosts,” said Diana Zubiri, former model, actress, and current agency manager of BIGO’s PH-CELEBERITY 2 and co-founder of DKSA Family.

Joining an agency opens up a world of opportunities, and will help you grow your talents and skills as you learn from agency leaders. More than that, it’s about becoming part of a community that fosters growth, collaboration, and meaningful relationships. With these connections, you’ll be on your way to becoming a live-streaming superstar in no time!

6. Join a family for meaningful and life-long connections: Looking for a squad to share the fun with? Joining a family within the BIGO community is like finding your party crew! With a supportive network of fellow hosts, you’ll have all the backup you need to keep the good times rolling, and even create lasting friendships outside the platform.

7. Promote Community Engagement: Encourage viewers to participate in challenges, contests, and interactive activities during your streams

Get your viewers in on the action with some fun challenges and contests! Whether it’s a dance-off, a trivia showdown, or a virtual scavenger hunt, there’s no shortage of ways to get the party started and keep the fun going strong!

Jovie Conception, co-founder of Prime agency, puts extra emphasis in engaging with audiences.

“Most of our viewers are mostly Overseas Filipino Workers, so we’d like to have more in-person activities where they are more involved, and we’re gearing our content to cater to this global  Filipino audience so that they can go on BIGO and feel like they’re home” she said.

8. Listen to Feedback: Pay attention to your audience and adjust your content and approach accordingly

The party’s not over until everyone’s had their say! So, be sure to listen to your audience’s feedback and use it to fine-tune your content and approach. After all, live streaming is all about keeping the fun flowing and the good times rolling!

9. Utilize Platform Features: Take advantage of features like live chat, stickers, and virtual gifts to enhance viewer engagement.

Turn up the fun factor with some awesome platform features! From lively live chats to funky stickers and virtual gifts, there’s no shortage of ways to keep your audience engaged and entertained. So, dive in and let the fun begin!

For newbies, BIGO Live is perfect for starting your first livestream! You can even join agencies, which is essentially a community of hosts that can help each other grow on the platform. Hosts are encouraged to learn, grow, and shine with the tools they need to succeed thanks to cool programs led by icons like Diana Zubiri’s PH-CELEBERITY 2, Mary Verallo’s Starlight PH, and Jovie Concepcion’s PRIME Agency.

“As long as you are willing, then you can do it,” said Zubri.

Become part of a community! Download the BIGO app available on Google Play and App Store. Stay tuned through BIGO’s website and their social media channels Facebook and Instagram for more news and updates.

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