Katy Perry Approves to Elha Nympha & Chin Detara’s ‘Wide Awake’ Song Cover

Elha Nympha and Chin Detera bring Pinoy pride as their cover of the viral track, “Wide Awake” was approved by the artist itself and super star, Katy Perry.

Elha Nympha and Chin Detera’s rendition of “Wide Awake” not only garnered approval from the original artist, Katy Perry, but also captivated audiences worldwide with its unique interpretation and soulful delivery. Their collaboration serves as a testament to the exceptional talent and creativity found within the Filipino music scene. As they continue to showcase their remarkable abilities on an international stage, Elha and Chin undoubtedly serve as shining examples of Pinoy pride and musical excellence.

Both the domestic artists, reacts excitingly to the superstar’s comment.

Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” have been up on the charts for 137 days, massively taking over the Philippine audience, that started off with “Did we make it” trend, where couple have been posting about their relationship journey using the audio.

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