More to Love: Hong Kong is Where Love Begins Again for Pia and Jeremy

Hong Kong is one of those places where the more you visit, the more the city seems to give. With every return, Hong Kong provides everyone who walks its streets with precisely what they need and an extra something on the side. A culinary haven that houses Michelin-star restaurants for the foodies, a shopaholic’s paradise, with no shortage of retail therapy at every turn, and a home to the happiest place on Earth, where families can make memories that last forever.
The city is where personal stories unravel, giving more with every return. Pia Wurtzbach, globally-acclaimed Filipina beauty queen, in her signature tongue-in-cheek ways, affirms in an Instagram post that the city is where she and husband Jeremy Jauncey fell in love: “Hong Kong is where Jeremy and I had our 2nd date and it’s where we fell in love.”. And as seen on their most recent trip, Hong Kong is where their love story continued against the backdrop of the city’s hidden gems and destinations.

By taking inspiration from Pia and Jeremy’s Hong Kong adventures, you can create the romantic getaway of a lifetime with your own dazzling date.

Serene Sightseeing at Tai-O

As Hong Kong is more than just the glitz and glam of city life, Pia and Jeremy started off by paying a visit to the more quiet, scenic fishing village of Tai-O, enjoying the local delights of Hong Kong such as the beancurd that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the city. For couples that crave peaceful boat rides, Tai-O is the perfect place to see the stilt houses and canals of the village.

Romance in the Waves at Sai Kung

If nature is still your thing but you prefer the excitement of bigger waves, Sai Kung is the perfect place for thrill-seekers like you. Speed through the crystal clear waters or dip your toes into the surfing and paddleboard experience. Pia expressed her delight at discovering this piece of nature in the midst of Hong Kong, saying, “The next time you visit you have to explore the Sai Kung area including South Ninepin Island, Sharp Island, and Hoi Ha Wan!”.

To make things even more romantic, you and your beau can head to the pearl jewelry-making workshop in Sai Kung, a city oasis that is just about a 45-minute drive from Central. Spend your day visiting a pearl farm, learning how to cultivate the gems, and creating gleaming accessories made with freshly harvested pearls all by your hands.

A Fusion of Culture and Religion at Ngong Ping

The Jaunceys also spent time in nature at Ngong Ping, visiting the Big Buddha, a trademark of the rich Buddhist culture in the area. The city is always in constant motion, its residents and tourists alike running from one place to the next, but Ngong Ping is where one can pause and enjoy breathtaking views through the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride, ideal for those who want to feel as if they are on top of the world.

There’s Some History There at the Hong Kong Palace Museum

Though Hong Kong is somewhat synonymous with modernity, the city goes way back, with stories that are yet to be learned by its visiting tourists. Such as with the historic displays and exhibits that welcomed Pia and Jeremy at the Hong Kong Palace Museum. The Forbidden City exhibition was also something that caught Pia’s eye, her fascination barely contained at the way people used to live during that time period. Those looking to immerse themselves in culture and history should surely add this to the top of their must-visit places in Hong Kong.

Dressing the Part with the Qi Pao Experience

When in Hong Kong, it’s best to look the part! Pia and Jeremy immersed themselves in the experience of traditional Chinese wear through the Qi Pao experience. The couple looked picturesque as if meeting in another life at some time in the far past. Pia even references Wong Kar-wai films in one of her Instagram posts about the Qi Pao experience, saying, “Stuck in a Wong Kar-wai film. In the Mood for Love”, before mentioning her beau. The Qi Pao experience can truly amplify your trip by bringing you closer to Chinese tradition and culture.

Taking Center Stage at the Xiqu Center

For those looking for something livelier, with a deeper look at art forms that have grown in Hong Kong, Pia and Jeremy also made their way to the Xiqu Center, the newest performing arts center in Hong Kong. The couple particularly enjoyed how immersive the experience is, with a large screen above the stage for subtitles to accommodate tourists who don’t speak Cantonese, letting them in on the jokes and references. What’s more refreshing to the beauty queen, however, was how young the musicians were as all of them were Gen Z’s. “How refreshing to see!”, says Pia. Xiqu Center stages Cantonese opera and Chinese traditional theatre, expanding theatre lovers’ horizons to this side of Chinese performing arts.

Elevated Dining at Hutong

Nothing screams ‘more’ than eating close to the stars. Pia and Jeremy elevated their dining experience as they enjoyed a meal at Hutong, a restaurant specializing in Northern Chinese cuisine. Right in the heart of the city, located at H Zentre in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hutong welcomes all who seek the glamor of Hong Kong dining.
If you’re looking for a different atmosphere for you and your date, the city houses endless choices for whatever your tastes are. Sabatini Ristorante Italiano in IFC mall is perfect for those who crave the classical tastes of Italian cuisine while Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic sets the benchmark for harbourside fine dining on the 44/F at LANDMARK in the center area of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Night Treats

Hong Kong has an array of nightlife spots that you can discover with the Hong Kong Night Treats. Offering dining vouchers valued at HK$100, this initiative lets you redeem HK$100 worth of discounts for food and drinks at participating bars and restaurants after 6 p.m. Hong Kong Night Treats is all you need and more for a fun nightlife experience. To know more about the discounts that await you, visit the official page for the Hong Kong Night Treats:

Like chapters to a book, Hong Kong has something new with every turn, whether it’s through outdoor destinations, culturally rich museums, or opulent dining experiences. Just as it did for Pia and Jeremy’s love story, Hong Kong promises to bring you more, whatever your tastes may be.

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