Kaila Estrada Gets Busy in the Kitchen on ‘Tao Po’

Rising star Kaila Estrada shows off her cooking skills as she shares how she navigates the world of showbiz on “Tao Po” this Sunday (November 26).

While Bernadette Sembrano samples Kaila’s cooking, they will talk about the good and bad of growing up with actor parents and the challenge of making a name for herself in the industry. Viewers will get the chance to see the softer side of “Linlang’s” Atty. Sylvia Lualhati.Kapamilya reporter Izzy Lee gets her hair done by Nelbert Seboy, the stylist behind Miss Universe-Philippines Michelle Dee’s trendy short hairstyle. Nelbert reveals the reason behind Michelle’s look, which is different from the usual beauty queen hairstyles, and talks about how he started and became the beauty queen’s hairstylist.

Meanwhile, Kabayan Noli de Castro meets former accountant Michael Cagas, a vermiculturist, who shares how he was influenced by a client twenty years ago to venture into this business. Kabayan gets to see Michael at work and discovers the nitty-gritty of cultivating millions of worms.

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