Zack Tabudlo and Violette Wautier’s MV for ‘Turn Back Time,’ Starring Bright Vachirawit Hits 1-M YouTube Views

Following the release of their collaboration, Turn Back Time, singer-songwriters Zack Tabudlo and Violette Wautier come together once more in the equally heartbreaking music video for the track directed by Prach Rojanasinwilai. Shot on location in Thailand using Kodak film, and co-starring popular Thai actor and singer Bright Vachirawit, the Turn Back Time music video is out now on all video streaming platforms.

From The Philippines To Thailand: A Coming Together of The Brightest Stars

Though he is a well-known artist across Asia, Zack Tabudlo humbly seemed starstruck at the idea of having to act alongside singer-actors Bright and Violette. “This is the first time that I shot a music video outside the Philippines. At first, I was kind of nervous because I’m doing a music video with two of the biggest actors in Thailand,” he shares about his first shooting experience outside of his homeland. “But when we started doing the scenes, I got to know them better. It was cool because Bright is a very nice guy and easy to work with, same as Violette. The production team were all super nice and patient with me because I was doing scenes with big stars like Bright and Violette.”

While Violette Wautier is an award-winning actress, she admits to feeling the pressure from acting in the music video, particularly because of its emotional storyline. “It was intense to say the least. The storyline was very much real, but also depended on emotions that are so raw and painful. I really wanted to do the song justice and so the pressure of being able to carry the role that I’m playing was intense,” she says. “I know Bright, we have crossed paths before, but I’ve never played a role with him. It was challenging in that way, but Bright is so talented and made it way easier.” Like the superstar that he is, Bright only has good words to say about his collaborators. “I’m really happy that the team and Zack thought of me for this part in the music video because I’ve listened to many of Zack’s songs, and I’ve also had a chance to meet him before the shoot,” he explains. “I think he’s a really cool and extremely talented artist.”

It seems that this music video project came at the right time for Bright and Violette, as the two artists have apparently been eager to work together. “I’ve been waiting so long for this. I’ve actually known Violette for a while now, and I’m a big fan of her music,” enthuses Bright. “There were many times in the past where we nearly had a chance to work together, so when Universal Music Thailand reached out about Zack and Violette’s music video, finally we got to act together and I’m really happy. This is another piece of work where I can’t wait to see the finished version because the vibe on set was really good. I think the final piece will turn out great.” And great it was.

A Record of a Relationship and All Its Ups and Downs

The music video begins with Zack and Violette, getting ready to record their song. The scene then shifts, where we see glimpses of the relationship between Violette and Bright’s characters, memories seemingly coming back to her as she tries to internalize and prepare for the song.

Just like the song’s lyrics, the music video’s storyline begins at the end of the relationship. We see the couple played by Violette and Bright physically together, but with a palpable detachment between them. Even though the things that they are doing should feel intimate–sharing a bed and preparing for their day side-by-side–we feel the distance between them. This is also reflected in these scenes’ treatment, where the coloring feels cold and distanced.

As the music video progresses, we see the beginning of the relationship, a meet-cute at that. Bright sees Violette across the café, they share shy smiles, sparks fly. The treatment for these scenes switch to a warm tone, similar to the budding feelings we see the characters develop for each other. The Turn Back Time music video is a reflection of both the good times and the bad of a relationship. We see the couple’s first date and their relationship developing. We also see how they are drawn to each other despite being in the company of others, exhibited with the meaningful smiles the couple shares even while they’re hanging out with Zack and their circle of friends. We even see them take their relationship to the next level, moving in together and seemingly content with just each other’s company as they slow dance in their bare house. In time with Violette’s verse, we see the couple continue to build their life together, but we also see the distance building between them.

“My character is a writer who is not very successful at the beginning and is quite shy, but very determined to succeed. Until I meet Violette’s character, where I start growing and becoming more successful,” details Bright. “But with that success, we started to grow apart. We both start to mature, get more confident, but end up having to lose the relationship.”The music video masterfully takes us through different timelines, with sweet moments and explosive fights interspersed with scenes of Zack Tabudlo and Violette Wautier singing together in the present. The storyline ends where it started, with the couple accepting their relationship’s doomed fate.

Despite their tearful conversations and desperate attempts to save the relationship, Bright ends up moving out. Violette doesn’t stop him from leaving, but when we’re left alone with her at the end of the video, we see her cry with pain at her relationship ending.

The Experience of Turning Back Time

The Turn Back Time music video is shot entirely on film, with cinematography that captured the intimacy between its characters’ eventful relationship. It’s no secret that Bright and Violette are two of Thailand’s biggest stars, and they portray the emotions needed by the storyline with no problem.

“When you’re working with someone talented, it helps you a lot,” Bright shares about his shooting experience. “My first scenes in the morning were with Violette who is such a talented artist and actress, and Zack feels like a little brother to me. I felt assured that the day was going to run smoothly. I’m glad to have worked with them both.”

In less capable hands, the Turn Back Time music video would not have as much emotional resonance as it did, but Bright and Violette were determined to deliver good performances. “We had an acting coach to help us connect,” Bright reveals. “But because we already know each other and we’re both professional actors, it wasn’t difficult to act as a couple, we could just snap into scenes. There was a scene where we’re teasing each other on the bed that I think is really romantic and showed we have great compatibility, and that made the breaking up scenes really painful.”

“It’s about a beautiful relationship between two lovers that over time grew apart and couldn’t make it work any longer. Sometimes it’s no one’s fault that it doesn’t work out,” Violette sums up the music video. “We wanted to make sure you can feel that through the song and the video. It’s sad but that is the truth about some relationships, sometimes things just don’t work out.”

Moving On

With the three stars only having good things to say about each other and their shooting experience, they’re eager to share the music video with their fans. “We did a live video performance that I’m sure our fans will love,” spills Zack about what their fans can expect next. “I’m also focused on finishing some projects that I’m sure my audience will love.”

“We didn’t get together during the making of the song but I’m so glad we got to shoot the video together. We also have a special performance filmed for everyone so please stay tuned for that. I’m so excited for everyone to see what we did,” Violette teases.

Bright invites his fans: “Please check out the song and check out the music video. Everyone worked really hard on it, we put everything into the storytelling to make it visually beautiful. I think it’s going to be a music video I come back to rewatch over and over. To my Filipino fans, please go watch it!”

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