Denise Julia Turns Up the Heat with R&B Banger ‘B.A.D.,’ Featuring P-Lo

Filipino R&B sensation Denise Julia returns with an upbeat banger that encourages young women to embrace their sexuality and feel confident about themselves. On “B.A.D.,” the rising phenom finds inspiration in writing an empowering track with delicate, pulsing rhythms and sensual undertones.

“The inspiration for the lyrics came about spontaneously,” shares the chart-topping siren. “I was freestyling on some beats when I came across a beat from an overseas producer based in Nigeria. We had collaborated on previous tracks, and this particular beat had a distinct R&B vibe I was searching for, and it was incredibly catchy.”

A departure from her usual style, Denise Julia’s “B.A.D.” reveals a significant step forward in terms of songwriting and production. The viral hitmaker takes pride in how the song showcases a more assured version of herself, not afraid to flesh out sprawling ideas and tackle more mature, out-of-the-box themes.

“I want B.A.D. to be the song you play when you want to feel confident, pretty, and to embrace your sexuality,” she explains. “It aligns with my goal of creating music that makes people feel beautiful and empowered, stemming from my past experiences of feeling out of place due to my appearance.”

“B.A.D.” is produced by constant collaborator JOEL from Nigeria, who has worked with the promising newcomer on her previous song “bum 2 me.” According to Denise Julia, JOEL has a knack for delivering edgy and sultry R&B music that embodies everything unassumingly cool about the genre.

Co-producers Duane, J. Greg, and Steelo came in to provide final touches to the production, resulting in an explosive earworm with the past and present becoming more seamlessly intertwined.

The song also features rapper P-Lo, whose style and flow complement Julia’s incredible vocal chops. The “NVMD” songstress adds, “My manager, John Vincent Salcedo, knew him and reached out, and he sent over a verse. We collaborated on refining the final version, and he delivered an excellent, catchy verse that fits the song perfectly.”

Denise Julia’s new single serves as a precursor to some music-related plans in the pipeline. According to the R&B/soul newcomer, she is set to release a mini album soon, which will give a taste of what’s to come with her full-length album. 

“Additionally, I have numerous shows lined up for this year,” the young songstress shares. “After taking a break to focus on the music, I’m thrilled to be back on the road and can’t wait to share the music with my fans. This mini album and the upcoming full-length album will be filled with pure R&B goodness.”

Denise Julia’s “B.A.D.” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. Special thanks to Denise Julia’s manager, John Vincent Salcedo and Carissa King, the creative director for all visuals assigned to the project.

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