AJ Perez’s Family Shares Their Journey Towards Acceptance in ‘Tao Po’

Bernadette Sembrano tells the story of how the family of the late actor AJ Perez gained acceptance of his untimely death and maintained their connection with him in “Tao Po” this Sunday (October 29).

In 2011, AJ passed away due to a car accident when he was on his way back from an event in Pangasinan. In remembrance of their departed loved one, the Perez family will reminisce their happy moments with AJ when he was still alive.Just in time for All Soul’s Day, Kapamilya reporter Job Manahan travels to Nueva Ecija to talk to third-generation embalmer Ferdinand Malgapo, Jr., who is popularly known as the vlogger “Ka Morgue.” Job will walk through Ferdinand’s workplace and find out the process of embalming. Meanwhile, Kabayan Noli De Castro features PWD Tony Dela Paz, who suffers from weak extremities. Despite his disability, he is able to work by peddling vegetables aboard his skateboard. 

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