AJAA Makes Sweet Debut with Their EP ‘4 Ü’

The next generation of PPop is here! Straight out of the charming department, AJAA is here to make your day oh-so sweet!

Republic Records Philippines and Cornerstone Entertainment’s newest boy group consists of four young boys Ash (Leader/Lead Vocal), JC (Main Dancer), Axl (Main Vocals), Alex (Main Rapper). Upon the first look, the boys are oozing with a pleasing and endearing aura that will just make you smile. 

Coming strong with not one, but four tracks, AJAA offers a colorful sound with “Hany,” “Best Day Ever (BDE),” “Cuppy Cake,” and “Torpe” from their “4 Ü” debut EP which dropped on the evening September 7. 

The New Boys in Town: AJAA!What’s in a name? As a lot of unique group names are being introduced lately, AJAA is actually a very simple and notable name as each letter represents the boys’ names – Ash, JC, Axl, Alex.

It may also be derived from the Korean phrase meaning “fighting” or “good luck,” which is the exact feeling that the boys of AJAA promise to deliver with their vibrant tunes. 

Dubbed as “The New Boys in Town,” AJAA’s overall energy brings out youthful vibes, and it is evident not just with their charm, but with their music as well. “While listening to our music, we want the audience to feel reconnected to their childhood and to be happy whenever they’re stressed or not in a good mood,” Alex mentioned. 

Revolving around the adventures of youth – from having adolescent crushes to spending an afternoon with the gang – AJAA just exudes memories of being young and free. Expect a lot of bubblegum pop and cutesy tracks that are widely loved by Pinoy Pop music fans. 

The group names PPop groups KAIA, SB19, and their sibling groups VXON, G22, and Yes My Love as their biggest inspirations. Stating them as trailblazers in the ever-growing PPop industry. 

“It is with those groups that we truly appreciated PPop and pushed us to join the industry. When we saw their videos, since we love dancing too, we wanted to see ourselves performing as well,” JC shares.

On riding the PPop wave, the group is very pleased to be part of the industry that they’ve been fans of. “It’s really this time that PPop is rising as there many groups that are being formed now, and we’re very proud to be part of that. We will do our best to continue to uplift Pinoy talents” Ash expressed. 

Arriving with AJAA 

After a year of training under Cornerstone Entertainment and signing with Republic Records under Universal Music Group (UMG) Philippines, the boys of AJAA are no doubt geared up for stardom. Although the boys of AJAA are still very young, they are no stranger to the PPop community and the entertainment industry. In fact, AJAA’s debut is one of the most awaited events for PPop fans. 

In 2021, Ash and JC were part of a reality-survival show created by Kumu, Cornerstone Entertainment, and TV5. Ash was eliminated from the show, while JC survived until the finale of the show, but failed to reach the final line-up of winners. 

Meanwhile, Axl is widely popular in the digital world, specifically in TikTok where he gained his own fans from uploading dance covers and trends. 

Lastly, Alex has done stints in TV commercials and short films and was previously scouted by a South Korean Entertainment agency. 

“Entering this industry gave us so much knowledge, challenging siya kasi we’re young pa especially for me since I’m still juggling school and training and some of us were away from home, but it’s really fun! We’ve learned so much and until now we’re still learning,” Axl shared. 

Check out AJAA’s “4 Ü” debut EP on all digital music platforms and AJAA’s official YouTube channel. 

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