HORI7ON Debuts in Korea with ‘SIX7EEN’ Music Video

In the world of K-pop, the competition is fierce, and only the most talented and exceptional groups manage to capture the hearts of fans worldwide. But one group, in particular, has managed to break through the barriers, make history, and starts to captivate audiences across the globe with their unparalleled talent and charisma. Meet HORI7ON, the sensational Filipino global boy group from the reality survival talent show “Dream Maker” that has taken Korea by storm with their debut single “SIX7EEN” and its mesmerizing music video.

HORI7ON, comprising seven exceptionally talented Filipino members Vinci, Kyler, Reyster, Marcus, Jeromy, Kim, and Winston has been making waves in the music industry even before their official debut in Korea. Each member brings a unique set of skills and a strong passion for music, dance, and performance, setting the group on a trajectory towards success from the very beginning.

Their journey started when they won the survival reality show under Kamp Korea, ABS-CBN, and MLD Entertainment earlier this year. Through rigorous training and unwavering determination, they honed their craft and built a powerful bond that transcended mere friendship, ultimately solidifying them as a cohesive and dynamic group.

The decision to debut in Korea was not taken lightly. As a Filipino group, they recognized the immense challenges and expectations that come with entering the competitive K-pop market. However, they were fueled by their ambition to make a global impact and showcase the world-class talent that the Philippines has to offer.

After a few months of preparation and anticipation, HORI7ON made their official debut in Korea with their first single, “SIX7EEN.” The song is an upbeat, high-energy track that perfectly highlights their vocal prowess and impressive dance skills. The combination of their talents, alongside their undeniable charm, made “SIX7EEN” an instant hit among Anchors (official fanbase) and critics alike.

Accompanying their debut single was the vibrant and glossy music video for “SIX7EEN.” The video was an artistic masterpiece that showcased the group’s creativity and attention to detail. Set in a visually stunning backdrop, the video featured intricate choreography, eye-catching visuals, and a compelling narrative that left fans in awe.

Check out the music video for “SIX7EEN” below:

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