Puregold Channel’s Newest Digital Series, ‘Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile,’ Streams on April 22

Puregold, a leading retail company in the Philippines and a pioneer in retailtainment, continues to rock digital spaces through its hit series on social media platforms, YouTube and Tiktok. 

After the success of its YouTube series “GVBoys” and “Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask,” and the first Tiktok series “52 Weeks,” Puregold is back at it with its newest digital show, “Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile,” which releases its first episode on April 22. 

Boasting an impressive cast of talented actors like Wilbert Ross playing the lead role of Bryce, and Yukii Takahashi playing the co-lead Angge, “Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile” will surely snag the hearts of more netizens all over the country with yet another relatable and feel-good story. 

The series’ supporting cast features Kat Galang as Genski; Migs Almendras as Ketch; Marissa Sanchez as Bessie (Bryce’s mom); Star Orjaliza as Yaya Aimee; Moi Marcampo as Chili Anne (who has a crush on Bryce); TJ Valderrama as Cyrus (Angge’s brother); and Anjo Resurreccion as Jerry (Angge’s ex).

For Episode 1, viewers will witness how Bryce navigates life, his video-game interest and expertise, and how his mother, Bessie, constantly nags him to look for a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Angge is recovering from Toxoplasmosis, a brain infection that currently limits her movement. In the first episode, the two leads will cross paths on a digital platform called Talkverse. 

Directed by Victor Villanueva, the same award-winning director behind Puregold’s hit series “Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask,” this new digital series’ conflicting turns will set the stage for an exciting and emotional journey for Bryce, Angge, and their friends. 

Utilizing social media as vital to its narrative, “Ang Lalaki sa Likod ng Profile” is set to depict realities that young Filipinos can relate to. With a seasoned director, a talented cast, and a compelling story, it’s a series that Puregold Price Club President, Vincent Co, is happy to share, saying, “We are excited to deliver another Puregold Channel original content to our customers and audiences.”

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