Every color, every YOU: Here are Ways to Celebrate YOU this Pride Month

Just like the spectrum, there’s no single way to celebrate Pride. The tremendous strides that the community has taken proved that it is so much more than rainbow-themed parties — it’s a bold proclamation that everyone deserves to take up space. In short, Atin ang Mundo! That’s why this month, remember that the freedom to be yourself and the many ways you express it is all up to no one but you. 

Straight ahead are some ideas on how you can power up the Pride month with self-expression and joy. Here we go!

Connect with volunteer groups

Want to get involved with the community? Your time and effort are enough! Reach out to LGBTQ+ organizations that speak to you and your beliefs. They’d be more than happy for your support on their programs.

Take yourself out on a date

Pride means stanning yourself! So go ahead, this is your chance to leave the pressure behind and practice self-care because you deserve to celebrate your identity. Here’s a tip for awesome treats: download the New GlobeOne app and spin the wheel to score exclusive vouchers on Busan Kitchen Restaurant, Jade’s Temple, Flowerstore, and Kraver’s Canteen, and many more! 

Listen to anthems that spark Pride on Spotify

There’s no better feeling than finding a song that perfectly describes how you feel. Rock out to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Same Love”, or better yet, discover other relatable songs that reaffirm your identity and empower you to you live your truth. To start, give this Spotify playlist a listen.

Binge-watch LGBTQ+ themed content on Netflix, Viu, and Amazon Prime

Pride stories are being told authentically now more than ever before. You can stream content that shines the light on these — be it a Hollywood film, a K-drama series, or a reality show, there are a whole lot of titles you can enjoy on these sites. Subscribe to your chosen streaming partners via Globe to explore the selection of LGBTQ+ content, such as the Thai BL series Kinn Porsche on iQIYI and other exciting releases!

Support your favorite viral LGBTQ+ Youtubers

From makeup tutorials to real stories of coming out, you can count on LGBTQ+ content creators when it comes to quality content. More than just entertainment, this talented bunch is your daily source of encouragement whenever you don’t feel 100%. Go on and hit play!

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