Here’s Why You Should Build Your Own Gun

Gun ownership is firmly entrenched in US society. People own firearms for self-defense, target shooting, hunting, and because they are fun. However, not everyone can or wants to buy a gun from a local gun store. It can be a hassle and various documentation and checks are required. If you like the idea of building your own gun, it’s not that difficult. 

No Privacy Issues

Stores selling guns in the US must check customer details against the National Instant Criminal Background Check. This is designed to prevent people with criminal convictions from purchasing firearms. Once you have legally purchased a firearm from a gun store, your details are logged against the gun’s serial number. For some people, this represents a privacy issue.

For anyone who wants a weapon for personal protection but prefers not to own a registered gun, a DIY gun is a useful alternative. You can design a gun and put it together in your garage. These guns are known as “ghost guns”, as they don’t have serial numbers and there’s no way of tracking them. 

No Hassle

Buying a gun from a traditional gun store can be a hassle. You need some form of ID and the store will ask you to complete a form that asks various questions, including whether you are an unlawful user of a controlled substance or have even been committed to a mental institution. For some people, these kinds of questions are very intrusive. Information provided on the form is then cross-checked with the FBI.

You may not want to relay such information to a clerk in a gun store, which is understandable. Building a DIY gun for personal use is one way to circumvent the paperwork and avoid a lot of hassle in the process. 

Are DIY Guns Legal?

Building a gun using a DIY kit or buying the parts yourself is perfectly legal, as long as you are eligible to buy a gun from a traditional gun store. However, note that while federal law doesn’t prohibit self-building guns, some states have their own laws in place concerning certain elements of a gun.

How to Build a Gun

To build a gun, all you need are the individual components, which are readily available online. You can build your own guns with 80 lowers from 80 Percent Arms, which stocks gun build parts and gun build kits.

If you have no experience building a gun, it is best to start with a DIY full-build kit that comes with all the components and full instructions. This ensures you will end up with a fully functional gun you can use for target practice or self-defense. 

Note that you will need a few tools to complete your firearm build, including a manual drill press and drill bits. It is illegal to ask a machinist to help you complete the gun build; you must do all the work yourself for the firearm to be fully legal. 

Building a gun from scratch is a great project and you’ll soon have a much deeper appreciation for how guns work and how to maintain them. 

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