How Can Celebrity Homes Inspire The Design of Your New Home?

Celebrities have a stronghold over interior design styles, reports Fashion Allure, with their homes playing a major role in their Instagram and TikTok uploads. Trends such as double barn doors, Old World French vibes, and maximalism have all made their way into our social media feeds and provided inspiration for new home design trends. If you are thinking of giving your home a new look and you’d like to see how celebrities are maximizing their beauty and usefulness to the fullest, be inspired by the following forward-thinking celebrities.

Nothing Is as Cosy as Nature

Biophilic design, which seeks to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living, is all the rage and celebrities like Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady have embraced it to the full. Gisele may be surrounded by glamorous fashion in her everyday life, but when it comes to home, it’s all about cosiness and feeling close to nature. Graceful ceiling arcs that imitate the curved forms found in nature, solid wood floors and doors, and tall, arched windows that allow light to flood through their home are just a few of their home’s most stunning features. If you are buying a first home and you would like to include features such as solid wood doors or ceiling beams (which can be costly to buy and install), find out if USDA home loans can help cut down your costs. The latter enables people buying or renting homes to receive a loan that requires a zero downpayment and that has very low, fixed rates. To qualify your household income must meet certain guidelines and your home must be located in an approved area.

Travel Inspirations

If most celebrities and influencers have one thing in common, it is their love of travel. Many fill their homes with mementoes, colors, and influences they have encountered while on long film shoots or while collaborating with designers and artists abroad. Actor Vanessa Hudgens, for instance, has totally transformed her Los Feliz home into a European-style villa that transports the eye and mind to France or Italy. Features to admire include 18th-century French oak floors, Carrara marble countertops in the kitchen, and outdoor landscaping made up of ivy and olive trees. Model Cara Delevingne is also inspired by her travels—so much so that an upbeat jungle theme has taken over many spaces in her home. Particularly appealing is the de Gournay wallpaper in her sister Poppy’s room—which contains stunning jungle imagery of plants, trees, toucans, monkeys, and vividly hued flowers.

Mid-Century Modernism

The mid-century modernist trend first made it big in the 1950s and 1960s. Known for its blend of organic and geometric shapes, minimal ornamentation, eclectic mix of materials and textures, neutral and bold color combinations, and love of nature, it is best described as ‘cosy yet chic’. Just a few celebrities embracing this trend include Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Mandy Moore, and Jared Leto. Mandy Moore’s living room is a perfect instance of this trend at its best. Straight lines from sideboards at one end of the room are married to a sofa with curved edges, a rounded coffee table, and a spherical lamp. In her second living room, Moore combines an array of fabrics in furniture pieces, marrying leather to velvet and canvas for a colorful, unique look.

Celebrities and influencers are opening their homes thanks to their Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube accounts. While there are just about as many tastes as there are individual celebrities, specific trends are holding sway among A-listers. These include nature-inspired, travel-themed, and mid-century modernist influences that marry the very best of style and comfort.

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