Filipinos Discover and Connect to Communities, Crypto, and Current Trends in 2021 #OnlyOnTwitter

Although physical restrictions are more relaxed this year, Filipinos are still encouraged to stay safe at home. Classes and gatherings remain virtual but needless to say, Filipinos’ search for connections grew stronger than ever this year. More people are going to Twitter to join conversations on P-Pop music, explore new concepts such as cryptocurrency, interact with and help communities, and be in touch with #WhatsHappening around the world.

There are three ways Filipinos connect on Twitter this year: connecting to the present, revisiting the past, and reflecting inward. Twitter is not just the place where Filipinos stay updated and participate in social movements, but it also became like a diary to share how they connect in all aspects of life.

Based on conversation in the Philippines between 1 January to 15 November 2021, here are the moments and conversations that connected us, #OnlyOnTwitter.

Top Tweets that connected Filipinos on Twitter

2021 shows how we connect in various ways. First is connecting to the present to join triumphant moments and discover news and information. It has been a victorious year for Philippine sports and Filipinos did not miss the chance to celebrate our win as it happens.

This Tweet congratulating the country’s first-ever gold medallist, Hidilyn Diaz (@diaz_hidilyn), goes down in history and is this year’s most engaged Tweet in the Philippines.

Another way we connected this year is by going down memory lane. Filipinos recall nostalgic moments of pre-pandemic life such as the “high school life,” which many consider as a momentous part of their lives. This Tweet reminiscing what students miss about high school life reminds them how long has it been since they connected and bonded that closely with their friends and classmates.

Lastly, Filipinos connect inwards by means of me-time, self-care activities, and introspection to know themselves more. Filipinos also got creative in adding interesting elements in their daily life at home. Within the walls of their homes, Filipinos journeyed into renovating their space, decluttering their stuff, and diving deeper to assess their learnings and reflect on other realizations in life.

Filipinos bring gold in art, sports, and entertainment

A lot has happened in a year, and Filipinos on Twitter explored various topics to make sure they are connected with the latest among the community. This year, we see how diverse communities gather on Twitter, from fandom, gaming, and even finance buffs.

Hashtags such as #artph showed how Filipino artists and enthusiasts remain a strong force on Twitter. Meanwhile, connecting to Filipino roots and pride also emerged due to our podium finish in sporting events, and when a Filipino starred in the global Netflix hit, #SquidGame. In music, P-Pop is in full spotlight thanks to emerging P-pop groups and their growing fanbase.

Here are the overall top hashtags in the Philippines for 2021 (in alphabetical order)

Here are the top entertainment hashtags in the Philippines for 2021(in alphabetical order)

Filipino Pop culture dominates the conversation

Entertainment continues to drive conversation on Twitter this year. Fans use Twitter to connect with their favorites and to interact with their “moots” and hype fan arts or projects. The fandom of loveteam Belle Mariano (@bellemariano02) and Donny Pangilinan (@donnypangilinan) showed their power this year, same with A’TINs of supergroup SB19 (@SB19Official), and #YearOnTwitter “veterans” Maymay Entrata (@maymayentrata07) and Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) — all who remain to be at the top of conversations in the local entertainment scene.

Here are the top accounts in the Philippines for 2021 (in alphabetical order)

Here are the top entertainment accounts in the Philippines for 2021 (in alphabetical order)

The boom of cryptocurrency in the Philippines

There will always be one breakthrough topic or moment each year. Conversation about cryptocurrency went on the rise in the Philippines. The concept is fairly new for most Filipinos, but it drew interest as seen on the use of hashtags such as #bitcoin, #crypto, and #nft. The skyrocket rise of cryptocurrency and related conversations was also seen on the emergence of accounts that are solely focused on crypto. In the Philippines, many have connected with Bunnie (@bunniefied), Ayu (@jiims), and Wat (@kuyawat).

Here are the top cryptocurrency hashtags in the Philippines for 2021 (in alphabetical order)

Excitement unleashed through emojis

Though Filipinos kept tabs on international sporting events through digital screens, the distance did not stop them from expressing their excitement as the game unfolds. Most used emojis this year showed our golden moment and how it gathered and connected Filipinos together, with the flexed biceps emoji representing strength especially in weightlifting, along with the trophy and medal emojis.

Join in the #OnlyOnTwitter conversation as @TwitterPH and other Twitter accounts around the world spotlight the top Twitter moments from 2021.

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