5 Reasons Polo Shirts are So Popular and Why

Dressing for work can be challenging. You want to look professional, but you also want to be comfortable. So, what do you wear? In today’s article, we are going to answer this question and take a look at why you should try a new approach to work attire. Should you wear a work uniform or a business casual polo shirt?

What is the most comfortable outfit you can wear to work and still look smart? Read on to find out more. 

Polo Shirts –Why? 

Is there anything more classic or comfortable than a Polo shirt? Polo shirts are versatile and comfortable but look presentable enough to be worn to the office. A traditional t-shirt looks much too casual. The Polo shirt is a happy medium. Collared Polos are unisex, they complement just about every body type, and they can be customised with the company’s logo, details and brand colour. 

Adding your company details to the shirt will turn your employees into walking billboards for your business. Let’s look at some other reasons why Polo shirts are such a popular choice for the office. 

Super Comfort 

If you feel good about what you’re wearing, chances are you’re going to perform better. If your clothing is tight or uncomfortable, then you will be distracted by it, and you won’t be able to concentrate on the task at hand. Most Polo shirts are made from breathable 100% cotton material. Even those that have very sensitive skin should be comfortable wearing them. 

A Polo shirt is perfect for warm weather or hot offices as they are breathable and prevent you from sweating. On casual Friday, employees can wear jeans with their Polo shirts and still look professional. 

They are Affordable 

Polo shirts can be mass-produced for a company. This makes them more affordable than other office attire. There are numerous inexpensive options for a company to customise the shirt. Add the company logo and other details. Everyone from the CEO to temp staff can all be given a Polo shirt, without breaking the bank.  

They Look Good on Everyone 

Polo shirts are very fashionable and look good on both men and women. They are modest enough for most body types and everyone should be able to move around freely in them. If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your company’s overall appearance, a uniform Polo shirt could be the ideal solution. 

They are Trendy and Modern 

If you walk into most large chain stores, you will notice employees wearing Polo shirts. They have grown in popularity over the years because of the reasons we already mentioned. 

Bright and Colourful to Impress

A Polo shirt is a visual element that can be used to promote your brand. Enforcing a company-wide dress code will make your business appear professional and tell others you’re all about the details. Each department can have a different colour shirt that can help clients identify them at a glance. 

A bonus: wearing a uniform helps to create team loyalty amongst staff who feel more connected to the vision when they’re wearing the logo on a daily basis. 

Top Tips for Choosing a Polo Shirt for Work 

Not all Polo shirts were created equal. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when updating your work uniform. 

  • Always choose a poly-cotton or 100% Polo shirt: This material gives a soft natural feel but is still durable enough to hold its colour and shape.  
  • Choose a colour that can be seen easily and that represents your brand: You may be tempted to put your company logo on a black Polo shirt and be done with it, but that’s what many other companies do. Instead, try to stand out as much as possible and pick a hue that suits your industry or catches the eye. Colour is your friend when it comes to creating brand awareness. 
  • Select the correct fit: Polo shirts come in two main styles. The standard-fit, and the fitted version. The type of business may influence the type of fit you require. Some women may feel the standard-fit option makes them look boxy or is unflattering. Giving two different fitting options should keep everyone happy. 
  • Print or embroidery: Are you using these Polo shirts for a weekend event? Or are you purchasing them to wear every day? The printing on shirts can often fade or even crack after being washed numerous times. On the other hand, large embroidery can be itchy or sweaty. A great rule of thumb is printing on the back of the Polo shirt, with a small company logo embroidered on the font. 
  • Shop around: Many companies offer customised Polo shirts in many different colours.  Make sure you shop around to get the best deal available. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’ve been thinking of updating your team’s wardrobe, you should highly consider Polo shirts. Not only will your employees look great, but they will also feel great.

There are many excellent reasons to change your company attire to the humble Polo shirt, so now you can make a good argument to add it to next year’s budget. 

Bring your business into the future by investing in your brand. You and your employees will greatly benefit from this uniform update. 

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