Choosing a Name for Your New Dog is a Big Responsibility

Choosing a name for your new dog is a big responsibility. Remember that this dog’s name will last a lifetime. Names like Fluffy and Cuddles are cute for little dogs – but little dogs grow up!

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Don’t make people your dog’s judge

Names are very emotional. If people hear you call your dog a rapper or a fang, they immediately make an unconscious decision about the dog’s personality. Your dog may be the softest, straightest creature ever – but people will still be careful. The behavior of the dog can help you choose the best name. It is only possible to see your dog for a few days and see what kind of character it is. Once you get to know your dog a little better, you can choose boy dog names for your pup.

Be consistent

Once you’ve selected a name, don’t change it. This is part of your dog’s training. When you attract your dog, you want him to come to you. If you keep changing the name, the dog will not form an association and does not know what is happening!

Dogs can easily hear ‘difficult’ accents, such as D, K and T. Combine it with a one-letter (maximum two) short name and it will make it much easier for you to train your dog. Try to avoid choosing a name that confuses your dog. It could be a name that sounds like an order (e.g sit, bring, come, etc.) or it could be a name that resembles the name of a member of your family.

If you chose the right name the life become easy for everyone – especially your dog! Just remember that at night, or in a park, the last thing on the beach to call a dog will need to be happy to call that name. Do you feel comfortable calling ‘Honey Child’? Will you Nicole Richie!

It’s all in the breeding generation.

If your dog is a pedigree, it may already have a name. These names can be great, but they can also give you an idea. You want to use some part of the name or shorten it. If you plan to breed your dog, be sure to register it with a kennel club in your country.

Our relationship with our dogs is changing and the way we name them reflects that. More than half of all dogs now have ‘human’ or celebrity names. The most popular dog name in the United States (and around the world!) Is Max – and for the bitch, Maggie. A recent survey found that 97% of dog owners believe their dog is a companion. 74% saw their dog as a family member!

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