5 Movies/Series To Watch Before Beginning Your Startup

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Starting a start-up comes with its fair share of pros and cons. An entrepreneurship journey is filled with many ups and downs and before beginning a start-up, it is important to prepare oneself mentally for the circumstances that might encounter during this journey. This will help them to better understand the circumstances and the fact that it is okay to be at the bottom because they can jump back to the top again. Here is a list of five movies and series that you should watch before diving into the start-up culture. The movies listed below will shower light on different aspects of entrepreneurial life. 

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1. The Social Network 

The movie is based on how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. It is directed by David Finder and it takes the viewer through the life of Mark Zuckerberg in his entrepreneurial journey. Mark created Facebook while he was still a student at Harvard. Later, he was sued by his friends who claimed that he had stolen their ideas. Yes, having a startup might require one to go to court too. The turning point of Mark Zuckerberg was when he met Sean Parker for the first time, which was no less than winning a Lottery Sambad. The movie throws light on the fact that when Facebook started, it had a small beginning but eventually, it became one of the most priced companies. If you are thinking that your startup idea might be small, it is time for you to watch this movie. 

2. Jobs 

If you could not find time to read the biography of Steve Job by Walker Isaacson, you should watch this movie. The role of Steve Job in the movie is portrayed by Ashton Kutcher and he did his job brilliantly along with a wonderful performance of Kate Winslet. Even though the movie does not cover all the aspects of Steve’s life, it shares with the viewers all the important benchmarks of his life. The encounter of Steve Jobs with John Sculley, who actually ensured that Steve gets fired from the company that he co-founded, will leave a major impact on any entrepreneur’s mind. 

3. The Pursuit Of Happyness 

This movie is again based on a real life person. You might have heard about Chris Gardner, a rich American businessman. The movie is based on him. In this movie, one can see the struggle that Chris went through with his son, including being a salesperson and an unpaid stockbroker intern. The role of Chris was so brilliantly played that Will Smith received an Oscar nomination for the same. Chris did not win any money through events like Kerala State Lottery, he made it to the top with his sheer hard work and perseverance and that is the lesson that the movie gives to its viewers. 

4. The Wolf Of Wall Street

With an IMDB rating of 8.20, The Wolf Of Wall Street is one of the most popular movies of Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie is based on Jordan Belfort, a popular American broker. With a touch of humour and crime, this movie is a delight to watch. The movie involves everything fancy that one can imagine including the attention of the FBI, money laundering and other elements which are typically associated with a luxurious lifestyle. In the movie, one will get an idea of the crazy risks which are involved in expanding one’s wealth and also, the moral dilemmas that one faces when one reaches a certain stage of life. If you are planning to invest the money that you earn through a start-up, you can give this movie a try. 

5. Pirates Of Silicon Valley 

It is a must-watch movie by an entrepreneur. The movie touches the life of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Bill Gates is portrayed as a visionary while Steve Jobs as an inventor. The movie shows the journey of these two people who turned their dreams and ideas into companies that conquered the world. Indeed, Apple and Microsoft rule the world. Even though the movie touches on the serious topic of starting a business, it is pretty humorous in nature. The movie walks the viewer through the struggling days of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and how they eventually created the company. 

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