Joross and Dominic Fight for Roxanne’s Heart in ‘Hoy, Love You’ on Kapamilya Channel

The brewing romance between Jules (Joross Gamboa) and Marge (Roxanne Guinoo-Yap) takes a hit with the return of Marge’s former boyfriend (Dominic Ochoa) in “Hoy, Love You” on Kapamilya Channel and A2Z.

In the episode last Saturday (August 7), Richard comes back after being gone for 16 years to win back Marge and their son Charles (Aljon Mendoza). His arrival spoiled the romantic proposal of Jules to Marge, wherein he even offered her a ring made from the nail that played a role in making them see each other in a different way.

This Saturday (August 14), Richard and Jules will continue to try to outdo each other as they fight for the heart of Marge, who is confused as to who she will choose. Should it be Richard, who she used to love and is the father of her son? Or should it be Jules, a new person in her life who made her smile again and promised her forever?

Viewers can also look forward to more wisecracks from Madam Elizabeth (Carmi Martin) and Keanna Reeves (Aling Malu) and the funny trio of Bart (Yamyam Gucong), Tommy (Pepe Herrera), and Drew (TJ Valderrama). Fans also loved the throwbacks of “Hoy, Love You” to Joross and Roxanne’s Star Circle Quest (SCQ) days with their use of Neri Naig-Miranda’s photo for Jules’ deceased wife. Sandara Park’s “In or Out” song was also used in the serenade scene last episode. Neri, Sandara, Joross, and Roxanne were all part of SCQ’s first season.

Meanwhile, another exciting announcement from the cast is coming for fans of “Hoy, Love You” this Saturday on the social media accounts of iWantTFC. It was revealed recently that the show will have a second season, which was still shot in the picturesque Submarine Garden Beach Resort in Lobo, Batangas.

Don’t miss more laugh trip and kilig moments in the continuation of Jules and Marge’s love story, which first brought light and joy to viewers via iWantTFC last January. Watch “Hoy, Love You” on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, Kapamilya Online Live, and iWantTFC every Saturday, 9:30 pm.

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