5 Reasons Why Shen Yue and Jerry Yan are #CoupleGoals in ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’

Jerry Yan and Shen Yue may have a wide age gap, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make sparks fly onscreen. Playing as Calvin Lu and Andi Tong in “Count Your Lucky Stars”, which is on its final week on TV5, Kapamilya Channel, and A2Z, Jerry and Shen showed the world that even pairs who fight like cat and mouse can work it out in the end.


Here are the reasons why Calvin (Jerry) and Andi (Shen) are the poster couple of good relationships. Prepare to say sana all!


1 They are career driven 
Calvin (Jerry) and Andi (Shen) are fashion designers and they always work towards their career goals. This shows when they joined the Fashion Cup, a prestigious competition among rising and established designers. But what’s great about them is they don’t compete with each other. Instead, they lift each other up.


2 They love their family so much 


Calvin loved his mother so much that he took her sudden death to heart. His mother is also one of the main inspirations why Calvin pursued a career in fashion. Andi on the other hand, continuously does her best in her craft to make her parents proud even if she didn’t choose a more traditional career.
3 They actively listen to each other 
Whenever there’s a problem, the love birds make time to sit down and discuss. Sure, their tempers get in the way sometimes, but they don’t allow it to ruin their relationship. They listen so they can understand and work on their relationship like mature couples.
4 They find joy in simple things
It’s the little things that count for Calvin and Andi. Eating is one of their bonding moments on the show even before they were in a relationship, which shows that they find joy in simple date activities that don’t break the bank just to prove their love.

5 They are each other’s cheerleaders 

When Andi was worried because of her dad’s gastric cancer diagnosis, Calvin was there every step of the way to listen and support hir girlfriend. He was the shoulder that Andi cried on and he never became impatient. Similarly, Andi was also Calvin’s big supporter when he finally conquered his fear and joined the Fashion Cup.


Will Calvin and Andi have a happy ending in their love story? Find out other exciting and kilig filled scenes in the last week of “Count Your Lucky Stars” every 10 pm on Kapamilya Channel (cable), Kapamilya Online Live (Facebook and YouTube), A2Z (free TV), and TV5 (free TV).


Viewers in the Philippines can catch the latest episodes of “Count Your Lucky Stars” for free on Kapamilya Online Live on Facebook and YouTube within seven days from the first stream. All episodes are also available on iWantTFC.

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