Heaven in Danger in ‘Bagong Umaga’ Season Finale

Heaven is getting closer to pinning Diana (Glydel Mercado) for her crimes against her family and friends but she and her parents will face grave danger in the final week of “Bagong Umaga.” Diana escaped while being transferred to another mental facility.

Hospital staff and authorities discovered her communicating with suspicious individuals using a phone hidden in her room. Unbeknownst to all, she intended to be caught because the only way she could successfully escape is when she is transferred to another hospital.

Diana remains thirsty for revenge even after her escape and finding out that her daughter is still alive. She still wants to have the Veradonas killed because she believes that only when Tisay is gone will her daughter come to her.

But she will not be able to do this alone. She needs the help of one of Ian’s enemies – Matthew (Richard Quan).

Will Diana be able to convince Matthew to kill the Veradonas? Will their plan be discovered?

Watch the finale of “Bagong Umaga” this week on A2Z channel, Kapamilya Channel, and Kapamilya Online Live via the YouTube channel and Facebook page of ABS-CBN Entertainment, and iWantTFC. Outside the country, it is available on The Filipino Channel.

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