‘MYX and Match’ Premieres April 9 on MYX

With many things going digital this pandemic, MYX channel is launching a fun and fresh take on blind dates for the socially-savvy generation via “MYX and Match,” a virtual dating game show premiering this Friday (April 9) at 8 pm on cable TV.

“’MYX and Match’ is a show to spread and bring love to the world,” said game host Dora. “We are progressive, we want to be inclusive, and we want to be forward. This show is for every gender and gender expression.”

VJ Ai dela Cruz took the hot seat on its pilot episode, which was livestreamed on kumu, to find her ideal match among three hidden searchees via compatibility games: “Yay Or Nay” that reveals fun facts about Ai; “Seen-O” that gives a sneak peek on the contestants’ features; and “Spit or Swallow” that helps identify if their food preferences are alike or not.

Ai, who was looking for an honest man and a good conversationalist, chose Spartan Guy or Jake Seneres as the winning searchee—an events host, commercial model, and daily kumu streamer.

“I think I based my decision on who I want to get to know more,” Ai said. “Feeling ko talaga ang pinaka-compatible with my personality is Jake.”

“Honestly I feel great. Nothing was forced. All my answers were sincere and I didn’t research anything. I’m surprised ako ang napili,” Jake revealed during his virtual, getting-to-know date with Ai, which happened immediately after the game.

Catch the first episode of “MYX and Match” this Friday (April 9), 8 pm on MYX, available on SKYcable channel 23 and GSAT channel 35.

Don’t miss the latest happenings in “MYX and Match,” Fridays at 7 pm on kumu @myxph. For more details, follow MYX Philippines on Facebook (, Twitter (@MYXphilippines), and Instagram (@myxph).

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