SEA Pop Compilation – SB19, UNI5, BGYO, UN1TY, 404, D1Verse, and More!

Girl groups and boy groups are rising in 5 countries of Southeast Asia namely Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia and their genres are called Ppop, Vpop, Tpop, Mpop, and Ipop, respectively.

There are 21 groups from the five Southeast Asian countries which had a release in the past 6 months or so. Check it out:

SB19 – “What?”
UNI5 – “Noi Doi Ca The Gioi Vi Em”
4EVE – “OohLaLa!”
DOLLA – “Impikan”
UN1TY – “No Mellow”
BGYO – “The Light”
SGO48 – “River”
BNK48 – “Warota People”
404 – “Fly”
STARBE – “Bye Bye Drama”
1ST.ONE – “You Are The One”
D1Verse – “Monster”
MAGESTA – “Baby Please”
GLASS – “Mine”
ALAMAT – “kbye”
TRINITY – “5:59”
BFORCE – “Together Stronger Better”
MNL48 – “River”
REDSPIN – “Just Break Up”
JKT48 – “Rapsodi”
BINI – “Da Coconut Nut”

Check out this awesome compilation by YouTube user Minokawa featuring music video snippets from the recent releases of various SEA Pop groups below:

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