‘Thank God I Found You’ Cover by BuDaKhelxKat Now Trending on YouTube

Daryl Ong, Bugoy Drilon, Michael Pangilinan and Katrina Velarde, also known collectively as “BuDaKhelxKat,” made another explosive collaboration which they released on New Year’s Eve. After the success of their “One Sweet Day” cover, this time, the group made a soulful version of the song “Thank God I Found You” which was originally performed by Mariah Carey, Joe, and 98 Degrees. The result? Eargasmic!

After 3 days, the said video surpassed the 500,000 views mark and it’s now trending at no. 12 on YouTube Philippines. It was uploaded on Daryl Ong’s YouTube channel with Daryl serving as one of the producers. He posted a message which goes:

“Happy New Year! soon, everything will be ok. that “One Sweet Day” will come again. I hope this video reminds us that there is ALWAYS a beautiful reason in living life, no matter how hard it gets. We love you youtube fam! you mean so much to us and to what we do! let’s stay together, stronger and better for 2021! SALAMAT! ❤️”

Check it out:

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