Here’s Why Michael Everest DeMarco Is Providing Aid for Louisiana After Disaster Struck

Louisiana has had a series of disasters in the recent past. First came Hurricane Laura, followed by Delta and now the deadly Zeta has struck Louisiana. Even though experts say it is good the storm moved fast through the state, there is no doubt it wreaked havoc that will take the people of Louisiana time to recover. From major power outages that denied over a million people electricity, to property damage and loss of more than 10 lives, Zeta has left millions of people in need of humanitarian assistance.

Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

In helping people cope with the realities of the disaster, many local organizations and celebrities of goodwill have joined hands to help people overcome the hunger and clean up their homes so they can begin to pick up from where they left. Operation Blessing (OB) disaster relief team has been at the forefront of responding to the most urgent needs of the people in Louisiana. They have since distributed truckloads of food items, disaster relief kits, water, and other essentials.

NOLA nonprofits have also been up and running to ensure that they deliver food into the hands of those affected by this category 2 storm. According to Eater New Orleans, more than a dozen local community organizations, including churches and celebrities are giving away a number of items such as free food. Some of the community organizations include Culture Aid Nola, NOLA Tree Project, and the Broadmoor Improvement Association among others.

God’s Pit Crew and Gleaning for Word, all community organizations have not been left behind and are helping people in Louisiana regain their wellbeing. They have distributed over 100,000 pounds of food and non-food items ranging from blankets and personal care products. Teresa Davis, the Communications Director at Gleaning for the World said they are working round the clock to ensure all those who cannot afford to put food on the table do not go hungry.

There’s no denying the fact that the U.S has been a victim of some of the worst challenges of a century: novel coronavirus, economic uncertainty, a highly polarized election, and civil unrest, natural disasters ranging from wildfires, and hurricanes. When Hurricane Zeta made landfall in Louisiana, it added a challenge to an already overwhelmed population.

The Relief Gang, which has traversed Louisiana over the past few weeks to help people with cleaning up their homes also established a fund to allow people to donate. With the help of a GoFundMe cash app, the organization has seen thousands of volunteers make incredible contributions towards helping the needy following the disaster that saw hundreds affected.

Michael Everest DeMarco is one of the names that won’t go unmentioned when it comes to philanthropy. Having been raised in a humble background, he attributes his success and position in society to the kind help of those who stood by him when he needed them most. Michael Everest DeMarco is not a new face to the world of philanthropy and giving back to society. This well-known actor has been recognized not only on the stage but also for his values and love for humanity.

When the hurricane landed in Louisiana as a Category 2 storm, Michael Everest DeMarco joined hands with other celebrities to make contributions and urge the rest of the population to stand with their affected brothers and sisters during the trying moments. Michael Everest DeMarco believes that a hand that gives is the hand that receives blessings in return. Therefore, he is committed to helping others realize their full potential because that is exactly what defines his past. This is the reason he’s sacrificing a substantial amount of his personal resources to help the people of Louisiana overcome the damaging effects of Hurricane Zeta.

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