Xiao Zhan Named ‘Sexiest Man in the World 2020’

Chinese actor Xiao Zhan has been voted by netizens as the “Sexiest Man in the World” for the year 2020! The Untamed actor ruled the online poll which is now in its third year.

Watch this year’s rankings:

Zhan defeated BTS member Suga in a very tough battle during the finals of the annual poll which was held in two platforms: Instagram and online ballot. The Chinese actor garnered a total of 1,185,342 votes to snatch the title.

The 29-year-old old singer/actor was discovered in the talent reality program “X Fire” in 2015. He emerged as one of the winners and eventually became a member of the male idol group “X Nine” as the main vocal.

In 2016, Xiao ventured into acting and starred in the fantasy web drama “Super Star Academy.” Two years after, he bagged another lead role via the historical romance web drama “Oh! My Emperor.” Also in 2018, he starred in the fantasy action drama “Battle Through the Heavens,” as well as historical drama “The Wolf.”

In 2019, Xiao made a breakthrough after playing the role of the carefree and unrestrained Wei Wuxian in the highly-successful action series “The Untamed.” He, and co-star Wang Yibo, catapulted to superstar status in China after the series became a monster hit. In the same year, he also starred in the movie “Jade Dynasty” which topped China box-office on the day of its release. The film was also the highest-grossing Chinese movie in Thailand.

Last April, Xiao released his digital single “Spot Light” which went on to become the highest-selling digital single of all time in China by virtue of selling more than 44 million copies in the country.

Xiao is slated to star in the romantic drama “The Oath of Love” which is slated to air later this year.

In the finals of “100 Sexiest Men in the World 2020,” Xiao Zhan garnered 230,852 votes on Instagram (2nd) and 954,490 (1st) on the online poll. He got a total of 1,185,342 votes defeating nine other finalists including BTS member Suga who received a very close 1,087,709 votes.

Placing third is another Chinese actor Wang Yibo who got 347,410 votes. Thailand’s Max Nattapol and South Korea’s Hyun Bin finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Here are the complete results of the final poll:

Rank Finalist Instagram Online Poll Total
1st Xiao Zhan, CHINA 230,852 954,490 1,185,342
2nd Suga, SOUTH KOREA 410,995 676,714 1,087,709
3rd Wang Yibo, CHINA 161,960 185,450 347,410
4th Max Nattapol, THAILAND 283,223 31,698 314,921
5th Hyun Bin, SOUTH KOREA 129,525 114,808 244,333
6th Mew Suppasit, THAILAND 117,014 71,984 188,998
7th Jackson Wang, HONG KONG 89,727 49,932 139,659
8th Mark Tuan, TAIWAN/USA 59,540 30,222 89,762
9th Lucas Wong, HONG KONG 66,057 18,274 84,331
10th Mark Lee, SOUTH KOREA/CANADA 64,243 12,078 76,321
TOTAL 1,613,136 2,145,650 3,758,786

Image version:

The selection of “100 Sexiest Men in the World 2020” was based on the following criteria: 30% charm, 40% physique, and 30% popularity index (visibility in the last 12 months).

30 Comments on Xiao Zhan Named ‘Sexiest Man in the World 2020’

  1. congratulations to XIAO ZHAN. Good luck for everything.

  2. congratulations to XIAO ZHAN

  3. 小飞侠 // May 14, 2021 at 10:14 pm //


  4. Me parece que no ven mas allá de los mismos chicos, aquí falta muchas bellezas masculinas, que hay de Rowoon de Sf9, es un muñeco un visual indiscutible acompañado con su perfección y gran estatura

  5. No me parece, falto aquí que pongan a Rowoon de Sf9 que paso el es el. Mejor visual y completo chico, me parece que hay mucho favoritismo a ciertos grupos y no incursionan mas a nuevos bellezas de south korea

  6. Why not Kim Taehyung?

  7. I don’t know the winner. He might be popular in China and Thailand but he is unknown in other parts of the world unlike Hyun Bin and BTS. He has aggressive fans voting for him.

  8. I fell in love with Xiao Zhan after watchin The Untamed. I have since listened to many of his songs and it has only made me love him more. He has the most beautiful voice and his range is awesome. Wish he was in America but I will still keep up with him. My favorite EVER!!!!

  9. Sophie McBrian // October 11, 2020 at 3:06 pm //

    Where is BTS’ Army? Why didn’t they all vote for Suga (and why didn’t they vote for another member of BTS)?
    Jungkook is strong = physique
    Jin, Jimin = charm
    RM, Taehyung, JHope = talented

  10. The best winner!!!

  11. Anonymous // October 11, 2020 at 2:43 pm //

    Impressive. Xiao Zhan defeated all 7 BTS members

  12. Xian Yibo Fanatics // October 11, 2020 at 2:35 pm //

    Finally a world title for Xiao Zhan!!!

    Well deserved title. Thank u starmometer

  13. Xiao Zhan is so cute and sexy

  14. Congratulations Xiao Zhan! You are the best of the best!

  15. Xiao Zhan deserved this last year but finally this year he won!!!


  16. congratulations to xiao zhan for winning, he deserves this victory a lot and i am proud of him as his fan. even if the photos don’t give him justice we know what kind of person he is, physically (HANDSOME) and character (A SWEETHEART). I love you and wish you all the best and happiness in the world, no matter how many people try to ruin you, remember your true fans will always be there to support you

  17. I hate china and I am very sad that suga not won!!!!
    pictures can’t tell us that who is handsome/beautiful and who is ugly!!!!
    everyone knows the reality that suga is handsome!!!!

  18. Trinh lam // October 9, 2020 at 12:16 pm //

    Congratulation Xiao Zhan ! We all love you ❤️

  19. Congratulations Xiao Zhan! 未来可期!

  20. Congratulations to Xiao Zhan, you deserve it <3

  21. Congratulations Xiao Zhan!

  22. Congratulations Xiao Zhan! Well deserved recognition! Love you and support you from USA.

  23. Tsai Xiang Han // October 7, 2020 at 8:36 am //

    Excuse me,
    A mistake is in the video you posted “The 100 Sexiest Men in the World 2020”.
    The champion is Xiao Zhan, but the photo in 9:04 is NOT his photo.
    Please correct it.
    Thank you so much.

  24. Tsai Xian Han // October 7, 2020 at 8:35 am //

    At 09:04 in the film, the photo is NOT Xiao Zhan’s photo. Please correct it. Thanks.

  25. Anonymous // October 7, 2020 at 6:26 am //

    Congratulations! Xiao Zhan!

  26. elizabeth..argentina.. // October 7, 2020 at 5:59 am //

    felicidades mi niño..xiao merese todo lo mas bello del mundo…y que tenga un muy bendecido cumpleaños…desde el estrecho sur de argentina todo nuestro respeto y cariño…

  27. Congratulations to Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo

  28. Anonymous // October 7, 2020 at 3:07 am //

    Xiao Zhan you’re from heaven my bunny

  29. Anonymous // October 7, 2020 at 3:05 am //

    Congratulation my bunny Xiao Zhan

  30. Xiao Zhan deserves the title. Picture does not tell all.

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