Miss Universe Philippines Launches Online Pageant Series ‘Ring Light’

Ring Light revolutionizes the way we view pageants through a fundraising online series that takes you behind the scenes, beyond the spotlight, and on the universe’s largest stage while positively impacting others.

Miss Universe Philippines strives to break pageant norms and build a new Miss Universe that promotes empowered beauty with a purpose through its new online series, Ring Light, which premieres on September 27, 2020 on

Going beyond preliminaries and the coronation night, Ring Light is the first of its kind in the world as it gives pageant fans a closer look at what it truly takes to become a beauty queen. From rigorous training to fascinating challenges and fun, behind-the-scenes activities, Ring Light proves that there’s more to beauty than meets the eye.

Composed of eight episodes, the series follows 50 aspiring Miss Universe Philippines candidates and takes viewers through their inspiring journey to the crown. Each episode will take the viewer through learnings, challenges, preliminaries, and finally, the coronation night.

A portion of each subscription will go to the candidates’ chosen beneficiary as well as partner organizations. Each Miss Universe Philippines candidate has a corresponding referral code that will directly benefit her chosen personal beneficiary. Fans can check out their favorite candidate’s Instagram page for the referral code and use it when purchasing their subscription.

“We’re very excited to launch Ring Light, the first-ever fundraising online pageant series that will allow fans to take the same journey to the crown while making a positive impact,” says Miss Universe Philippines National Director and Miss Universe 2011 Third Runner-Up, Shamcey Supsup-Lee. “With this online series, we hope to inspire our viewers to find their own light and empowerment and show that beauty is not only skin deep.”

How to Watch Ring Light

All eight episodes, including five learning episodes, a challenge episode, the preliminaries (swimsuit and gown competition), and the grand finale, will be available to stream on for a one-time fee of P299.

Excited pageant fans can also avail of Ring Light’s early bird promo of only P249 if you subscribe any time from July 22 to August 31, 2020.

Ring Light Episodes

Episode 1: Lights On
In this episode, our girls will talk about their passions, hopes, motivations. Explore their hometowns, learn about their history, and find out what drives them to pursue the crown.

Episode 2: What Makes You Blush
Enhance natural beauty and celebrate glamorous transformations! From girl-next-door fresh to dramatic diva, our girls learn to play with different looks in this episode. Learn with them under the tutelage of renowned makeup artists and pick up some expert tips for yourself!

Episode 3: My Space, My Face
Ready, set, pose! This episode showcases the different ways our girls can capture their images – from pageant portraits and glam shots to candid behind the scenes photos and social media videos. Learn how to capture beauty in different forms and get inspired to hone your own camera skills!

Episode 4: Work the Runway
Our girls learn how to conquer the runway with confidence as each step they take brings them closer to the crown. Learn how to take bigger and bolder steps with them and grow in confidence and purpose.

Episode 5: Looking In
Featuring the Phenomenal Woman Learning Journey, this episode is composed of four original modules made by a team of diverse professionals, embodying Miss Universe’s commitment to molding women to lead with beautiful strength. Learn from this fresh and forward take on beauty pageant training that mixes informative, inspirational, practical, and fun activities that will take each of our girls through her own inspiring transformation.

Episode 6: Game Changer
Featuring one of the most challenging and exciting phases of the competition, this episode will feature a five-minute challenge for each of our girls, taped as live, with no edits. Judges will score them based on substance, delivery, and personality.

Episode 7: Stand Out and Awe
It’s time for the girls to flaunt their signature walks and put their makeup skills to the test! Our girls showcase everything they have learned so far through their unique sense of style in swimsuits and designer gowns that let their personalities shine.

Episode 8: Shine
Meet your new Miss Universe Philippines! This two-hour special showcases total entertainment unlike any pageant ever before. Witness this year’s most phenomenal woman as she is crowned the new Miss Universe Philippines.

For more information, log on to Miss Universe Philippines on Facebook or visit’s website and Instagram.

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