Pinoy Idol Group SB19 Releases ‘Go Up’ Music Video

They sound like K-pop, they move like K-pop. It’s because they are the first Filipino Idol group trained under the K-pop system.

They’re called SB19 which is composed of five members namely Justin, Josh, Sejun, Ken, and Stell. They are being managed by ShowBT, a Korean entertainment company that branched out to the Philippines.

According to the group’s official Facebook page, “these boys are well rounded performers who can sing and dance a wide variety of genres, write their own music and, create their own choreography. Their aim is to break into the Philippine music scene, introduce a new culture as well as be a boy group that can compete with international boy bands and make the Filipino people proud to call their own.”

Check out the official music video for “Go Up,” SB19’s second single, below:

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