Travel Made Fun and Easy from Delhi to Dubai

One of the hotspot tourist destinations these days for many Indians is Dubai. Having being tagged as the ultimate weekend gateway for the leading women of our Bollywood fraternity, more and more people are planning their holidays to this city of glitz and glamour.

Being the largest city of the UAE, this city demands quite a lot of attention for tourists and business people alike. Delhi has a spirit of its own. Apart from being the capital of the country, it is also a buzz of different kinds of activities. Well if you want to explore a global metropolitan which has a completely different feel as compared to Delhi, then you should definitely plan a trip to Dubai. Full of interesting places, this is one of the most visit cities of the world.

What does Dubai have to offer?

Well, when you will be checking the delhi to dubai flight ticket price you should also make a note of all the places to visit that this city has to offer. Let’s take a short tour of them:

BurjKhalifa: Want to see the desert and the ocean together? Well then you have to climb up to the 24th floor of the BurjKhalifa to get an excellent view of the city with the desert on one side and the calm serene ocean on the other. This is a view that you simply cannot miss from the topmost floor of one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Jumeirah Beach: If you are looking forward to spending a relaxing time by the beach and are ready for a day of exquisite pampering, then head out to this beach. Soak in the sun and feel the fresh air as you laze around in one of the most beautiful spots in Dubai.

Burj Al Arab: Being one of the most well-known 7 star hotels in the world, this building, commands a lot of attention from tourists throughout the year.

Sheikh Saeed Al: If you are interested in learning about the history of Dubai, then do visit the museum here at the house of Sheikh Saeed Al. From interesting documents to photographs covering a wide timeline, this is surely one of the most preferred tourist attractions in the city.

Dubai Mall: Interested in some indulgence and shopping? Well then you need to head out to the Dubai mall one evening and take a look at the wonderful shops that are there and of course burn a hole through your pocket!

How to get your bookings done right?

Well if you want a fair deal on your Delhi to Dubai flight fares make sure you book at least 4 months prior to your date of travel. This will help you in getting a decent enough deal and it will not cost you much either. Opt for an airline which will be convenient for you and when you book your flight tickets make arrangements for your stay as well.

Visit these places and make your bookings in the right place and enjoy a fun-filled trip to Dubai.


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