‘Los Bastardos’ Scores All-Time High National TV Rating

More Filipinos tuned in to the intense scenes of “Los Bastardos” as the Kapamilya afternoon series recorded its new all-time high national TV rating last Friday (May 17).

The series scored a national TV rating of 19.6%, or 9-points higher than “Inagaw na Bituin” (10.6%), according to data from Kantar Media.

Viewers witnessed in the episode last Friday the gripping scene where the Cardinal brothers saved Soledad (Gloria Diaz) from imminent death after she was pushed by Matteo (Marco Gumabao) off of an abandoned building.

Meanwhile, the audience remained glued on their TV screens last Monday (May 20) as they witnessed heartfelt marriage proposal of Isagani (Jake Cuenca) to his girlfriend Isay (Maxine Medina), which earned praises from netizens.

“Gani! Ever since the night they confessed their love for each other and had a fight, that’s when he realized that he couldn’t lose Isay again. That was the moment he knew he wanted to marry her,” said Twitter user @gotkatzy.

“Jake and Maxine have such great chemistry together as Isagani and Isay! You can feel the sincerity, love, and chemistry overflowing on screen,” YouTube user SaGeForReal commented.

“OMG! I am crying and feeling so much kilig while watching Isagani’s proposal to Isay. Isay and Gani forever,” said another YouTube user Pamela 34.

As the story continues, the Cardinal brothers are set to face another battle with the arrival of Catalina (Jean Saburit), who vows to bring chaos in their lives. As they brave another obstacle, whose life will be put at risk next?

Tune in to “Los Bastardos” every afternoon on Kapamilya Gold, after “Kadenang Ginto.”

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