Clint Bondad Reveals Fault on Break-Up with Catriona Gray

Photo from Instagram (@clintbondad)

Clint Bondad revealed on Instagram Monday, March 4, that his 6-year relationship with beauty queen Catriona Gray ended after the latter won Miss Universe 2018 in Thailand.

The model/actor emphasized that he was largely at fault because he loved Catriona too much.

Here’s what Clint posted on his Instagram account @clintbondad:

Okay, hope you watched the videos first! 😄

I am actually very glad that the TWBA interview happened… I had a bit of a laugh cause it happened while I was on vacation, almost making me spill my drink at the pool when notifications came in 😂 Guess who was sober instantly! Bahaha

Truthfully, this will make things so much easier for both of us professionally. I agree with everything that was mentioned in the interview. I am just personally closing this chapter of our lives because it has become more practical to clear things up instead of having people approach me like zombies with puppy eyes or letting certain questions linger around for too long 😅 so let’s set the record straight and have a great time:

1. Crown or love (life)?

Everyone knows that it’s a trick question. Of course its “Crown”! The career of a beauty queen is so different in many ways to that of other career paths and even more extreme than that of an actor or public figure. Incomparable. Its a winner takes all situation and it kicks starts everything into motion with an explosion, but on top of it all, it’s compressed into a single year of reign. It’s the equivalent of sitting in a burning house and someone asking you, “Finish your chamomile tea or get your sweet ass out of here ASAP?!” It’s not a question about personal preference but urgent priority!

2. Timeline of the break-up?

It’s correct that the relationship was over the way we used to have it before the coronation. But we didn’t make it official in private until after the coronation. However, it was actually me who eventually and actively pushed to make it official.

3. Who’s fault was it?

I was always fascinated with Cat in a way because we are so similar in many ways but in other ways, we are absolute polar opposites. However, the crazy thing is that she knows what is better for me better than myself. I was massively depressed for a long time and I literally blamed anything and everyone except our relationship… I wouldn’t even allow it in the realm of possibilities. But my protective personality and shielding of the relationship made me unable to see things clear and rational. It became counterproductive. Love truly can make you blind sometimes and make you do dumb stuff… No matter how smart you think you are. I felt like I had to do things that Cat never asked me to do and stopped things that I loved doing and pursuing and even started feeling guilty for simply enjoying life. I ended up completely draining myself and became so exhausted that at the end there was little left of who I once was.
But if Cat did anything then it’s saved me from myself. I am truly the only one who can be blamed for anything and everything. I failed because the control was always with me all along. I just realized it too late. She knew I would rather go through complete death of my own persona then accept failure…

Photo from Instagram (@clintbondad)

4. Silver lining?

What would have really broken my heart would have been not seeing that crown on her head.

I am glad things happened the way they did. Sure, maybe things could have been a bit different if the outcome would have been different too. But it’s like the weather. If it rains you simply remind yourself that water is life, then you take the umbrella and go out anyway. Nobody can be blamed for things that simply happen and I actually believe that this is the best ever that could have happened for both of us. She will go down as the best Miss Universe in History.

Told you guys I wasn’t biased before. If I can say it now then you know I was simply always stating facts and facts never change.

Here’s Catriona’s revelation on her break-up with Clint:

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