The Best Tech Accessories for Your Bike

With spring on its way, the time to drag out your bike from the garage is just around the corner. As you prepare for your first spin around the block, don’t stop with a quick check of your tire pressure and brakes.

Whether you cycle to work or pedal just on the weekends, there are plenty of accessories to make your ride smoother. You’ll want to check out these gadgets to improve the safety and comfort of your next trip.

A smart lock

After your bike spent the entire winter collecting dust in the garage, it’s probably been months since the last time you took your bike for a spin. It may even be longer than that since the last time you had to lock up your bicycle.
Can you remember the combination? If it’s a code that came with the lock and not one you set for yourself, the chances are 50/50.

Don’t spend another minute scratching your head over what it could be. Accept you’re never going to remember and pick up an Ellipse bike lock. It’s a solar-powered lock that connects with your Android or iPhone with an app to give you keyless entry — no passwords required. The lock uses wireless tech to engage when you walk away from your bike and unlock when you return. The app also has anti-theft and crash alerts to help keep you and your bike safe.

A phone holder

If you like to explore new places with your bike, your iPhone or Pixel is probably your cycle companion. It offers up the best route to your destination, info about where to grab a bite to eat during a break, and a lifeline in case you take a wrong turn somewhere.

Keeping it in your pocket can be dangerous—constantly fumbling for your phone takes up a hand and distracts you from the road. You’d be safer if you used a sturdy bike mount for your phone. The Expand bike mount comes equipped with a spring clip that attaches to your handlebars, and it accommodates most Android and iPhone models.

A Grip case

If your commute has a few bumps, you may not trust a bike mount to hold your phone on its own. A sturdy and grip-enhancing case is insurance your phone will arrive safely to your destination.

Although a company like dbrand is best known for its Pixel skins and iPhone wraps, it now has the worlds grippiest phone. It’s grippy enough it sticks to the hood of a sports car as it speeds around a race track, so it can manage a leisurely cycle or even a harried commute on your bike.

It also happens to be skin compatible, so you can customize this carbon composite, extra sturdy case with a Pixel skin or iPhone skin of your choosing. With options like black marble and black matrix, you have to check these out. You’ll look as smart as you are secure as you pedal through the streets.

A smart compass

If you’re the type of cyclist to wake up before dawn on the weekends just so you can hit the road without any competition, then a phone as your GPS is probably not the perfect companion on your rides. You need something like the Beeline smart compass. It attaches easily to your handle bars to give you a convenient view of its display.

It works primarily as an ordinary compass, making sure you’re on the right track throughout your trip. But enhanced with Bluetooth, the Beeline is an all-in-one device that lets you save routes, log trips and activity data (like calories burned), and it share your stats when you’ve reached a goal.

Winter won’t be around for much longer, which means the perfect weather for a bike ride is nearer than you think. Make sure you’re ready for your first ride of the season by getting the right gadget for your bike. From a smart lock to a smart compass and everything in between, these devices will help you enjoy the ride — where it takes you.

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