Peck Palit, Suradet Piniwat Take Early Lead on Facebook Poll of #100AsianHeartthrobs2019 Finals

Thai pop star Peck Palitchoke (aka Peck Palit) is currently leading in the Facebook poll of “100 Asian Heartthrobs 2019” the Final Battle with 1,913,527 votes as of 3:30pm of February 12, 2019.

Following Peck in second place is his fellow Thai celebrity Suradet Piniwat who got 1,828,315 votes.

Rounding off the Top 5 are Gun Atthaphan (Thailand), Kim Taehyung (Korea) and Jungkook (Korea).

Here are the results of our Facebook poll as of 3:00pm of February 12 (HKG/TPE):

Rank Finalist Country Facebook Votes
1st Peck Palit Thailand 1,913,527
2nd Suradet Piniwat Thailand 1,828,315
3rd Gun Atthaphan Thailand 688,819
4th Kim Taehyung Korea 673,913
5th Jungkook Korea 349,930
6th Harshad Chopda India 102,708
7th Jin Korea 83,845
8th Ji Chang-Wook Korea 29,820
9th Grae Fernandez Philippines 23,329
10th Dimash Kudaibergen Kazakhstan 21,557
11th BamBam Thailand 6,046
12th Lee Thanat Thailand 4,189
13th Tay Tawan Thailand 3,525
14th Dylan Wang China 3,269
15th Nadech Kugimiya Thailand 3,168
16th Newwiee Thailand 2,721
17th Seo In-Guk Korea 2,029
18th James Jirayu Thailand 1,205
19th Aliando Syarief Indonesia 768
20th Aakash Shrestha Nepal 662

Concise version:

8 days to go! Continue voting on Facebook.


1. Like and Share the official Facebook photo of a finalist posted on Asian Heartthrobs Facebook page (@asianheartthrobs). The links below will direct you to the official photos.
2. 1 like is equivalent to 3 votes. 1 share is equivalent to 5 votes.
3. This poll is FAN POWERED. There are no limits.
4. Voting ends at 12:00 noon of February 20, 2019 (HKT/TPE).

Here are the links to the official Facebook photos of the 20 finalists:

Aakash Shrestha (NEP):

Aliando Syarief (INA):

BamBam (THA):

Dimash Kudaibergen (KAZ):

Dylan Wang (CHN):

Grae Fernandez (PHL):

Gun Atthaphan (THA):

Harshad Chopda (IND):

James Jirayu (THAI):

Jin (SKR):

Ji Chang-Wook (SKR):

Jungkook (SKR):

Kim Taehyung (SKR):

Lee Thanat (THA):

Nadech Kugimiya (THA):

Newwiee (THA):

Peck Palit (THA):

Seo In-Guk (SKR):

Suradet Piniwat (THA):

Tay Tawan (THA):

8 Comments on Peck Palit, Suradet Piniwat Take Early Lead on Facebook Poll of #100AsianHeartthrobs2019 Finals

  1. There is no Spirit of Fairness how is it possible for Kim to get over 1M on FB shouldn’t you be winning around the social media platform how does kim get over 1M on online but is forth in FB and Twitter again up their and IG half of that the number don’t add up so in the Spirit of Fairness everything should be close down and regulate the same way you did the online you should do with FB IG and Twitter or no one should WIN.

  2. Não consigo votar no Tae tanto no face como no insta. É uma votação só pra asiáticos?

  3. Suradet_Fanbase // February 12, 2019 at 10:37 pm //

    Go babyBas💕

  4. Ehhh… How come Peck Palit has 420k shares, but only 8,6k likes? Makes no sense at all

  5. But V have more than 15K likes and 137033 shares the total of them all are more than 2M

  6. Ymisssunshine // February 12, 2019 at 7:14 pm //

    Congratulations to #PeckPalitchoke and #Suradet from Thailand.

  7. Why doesn’t match the links ?

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