Ariel and Gelli Back on the Big Screen in ‘Ang Sikreto ng Piso’

AFTER 22 years since their last dramatic movie together entitled “Ikaw Pala Ang Mahal Ko” (shown in 1997), real life couple Ariel Rivera and Gelli De Belen are back on the big screen, also as husband and wife.

This time, they topbill “ANG SIKRETO NG PISO”, a family-oriented comedy flick from MPJ Entertainment Productions and JPP Dreamworld Productions, directed by Perry Escaño, which will hit the cinemas on January 30 (Wednesday).

For Gelli, how does it feel to work with hubby Ariel in a comedy movie for the first time?

“It felt weird to work with him again,” said Gelli, adding that she has always seen his husband doing drama and romance movies.

“I had to overcome that feeling while we were doing our scenes together. Ariel is so sweet and cheesy in this movie. He’s very different in real life.”

Ariel admitted that since he’s been doing heavy dramas and romantic movies the past years, he’s been looking for a “light and easy” movie project, and so when “Ang Sikreto Ng Piso” was offered to him and wife Gelli, he loved the story and immediately grabbed the project.

“I’ve been looking for a project that’s light and easy because I’m always given heavy drama or romantic roles. This is a good change for me and I enjoyed it.”

Also part of the cast are Bea Binene, Angelica Ulip, Nico Nicolas, as well as veteran comedians Lou Veloso, Long Mejia, Ricky Rivero, and Beverly Salviejo, also with Wacky Kiray, Ernie Garcia, Raphael Robes, Amberlicious, and Joyce Peñas Pilarsky, the film’s executive producer.

How did Ariel adjust from being a dramatic actor to doing a comedy movie?

“It’s my first independent movie and my first comedy movie too, but on television, I’ve worked with some of these comedians before, so I didn’t have to adjust much,” he said.

“Besides, my wife is funny, even off-cam. She’s so funny when she throws punchlines, especially when you’re not used to her doing it.”

The movie is about the strength of familial love even as it explains what viewers need to know about the Philippine peso.

“I am happy to work with Ariel. I welcome the opportunity to play couple with him in reel life. As an actor, Ariel has matured a lot. I am proud of him! I have seen all his dramas but it is still different kapag up close ko siyang pinapanood when he acts.

“Our exchanges of dialogues went smoothly during the shooting since kilala namin ang isa’t-isa. We gave one another pieces of advice on how to make a scene more convincing while we were doing the movie. I hope the viewers will watch and enjoy our new movie,” adds Gelli.

Indeed, Ariel and Gelli are the perfect choices to portray husband and wife in the film as they are one of local showbiz’s most enduring marriages.

The couple has been married for more than two decades. Their sons Joaquin and Julio are currently based in Toronto, Canada to continue their studies, and mommy Gelli admitted she’s experiencing separation anxiety ever since.

“We’re like boyfriend and girlfriend all over again. Because the children are away, we’ve become closer. We’ve rebonded in a different way. When I’m abroad for concerts, I’d miss her and would always want to go home immediately,” said Ariel.

“When the boys were still here, I was preoccupied with taking care of them. I’m more focused on Ariel now. These days, we’re together all the time, even at the gym. He has become my gym buddy!” shared Gelli.

With a PG-rating from MTRCB, “Ang Sikreto Ng Piso” will have a premiere night on January 27 (Sunday), 7PM in SM Megamall Cinema 7.

There will also be “Meet and Greet” on its opening day on January 30 (Wednesday) — 1PM in SM North Edsa, 4PM in SM Manila, 7PM and 9:30 PM in SM Mall of Asia.

Here is the synopsis of the film:

“Ang Sikreto ng Piso” (The Secret of the Philippine Peso) is a family-oriented comedy inspired by actual events on the smuggle of the Philippine peso coin in 2006.

Ronnie (Ariel Rivera) has to make sacrifices to save up for the future of his wife (Gelli De Belen) and only daughter. He is forced to accept an odd job that promises higher income–one that requires him to gather as much one-peso coins has he could. It is only a matter of time when he discovers why these coins are being smuggled abroad. What secrets do these coins hold?

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