100 Sexiest Men in the World – Full List

Let me start off by saying that sexiness isn’t just about the physical attributes of a man. Aside from his abs or muscles, personality, talent, and intellect play a major role too in making a man sexy. And by becoming an apple to the eyes of his beholders, we let the fans decide on who is the “Sexiest Man” in the world for the year 2018.

Through a series of online voting and eliminations, we came up with 6 finalists: Alden Richards from the Philippines, Kai from Korea, Chris Pine from the USA, Pietro Boselli from Italy, Jungkook from Korea, and Krist Perawat from Thailand.

After more than 7 million votes received from around the world (which caused a major slowdown in our server for several days, I must say), BTS center Jeon Jung-kook from Korea emerged as the winner! Check out the full list below:


1. Jungkook, KOREA
2. Krist Perawat, THAILAND
3. Alden Richards, PHILIPPINES
4. Kai, KOREA
5. Pietro Boselli, ITALY
6. Chris Pine, USA

7. Ansel Elgort, USA
8. Harry Styles, ENGLAND
9. Cole Sprouse, USA
10. Park Seo-Jun, KOREA

11. Sehun, KOREA
12. Yang Yang, CHINA
13. Choi Min-Ho, KOREA
14. Jackson Wang, HONG KONG
15. Lay, CHINA
16. Dylan Wang, CHINA
17. Nadech Kugimiya, THAILAND
18. Chris Hemsworth, AUSTRALIA
19. Channing Tatum, USA
20. Cristiano Ronaldo, PORTUGAL

21. Shawn Mendes, CANADA
22. Jamie Dornan, NORTHERN IRELAND
23. Marlon Texeira, BRAZIL
24. Henry Cavill, ENGLAND
25. Jason Momoa, USA
26. Tom Hardy, USA
27. Zac Efron, USA
28. Ji Chang Wook, KOREA
29. Ryan Reynolds, USA
30. Joe Taslim, INDONESIA

31. Chris Evans, USA
32. Charlie Puth, USA
34. William Levy, CUBA
35. Robert Pattinson, ENGLAND
36. Ryan Gosling, CANADA
37. Kris Wu, CHINA
38. Chris Pratt, USA
39. Idris Elba, ENGLAND
40. Lee Min Ho, KOREA

41. Zayn Malik, ENGLAND
42. James Reid, PHILIPPINES
43. Enrique Iglesias, SPAIN
44. Giulio Berruti, ITALY
45. David Grandy, ENGLAND
46. Sean O’pry, USA
47. Tom Holland, ENGLAND
48. Justin Bieber, CANADA
49. Chadwick Boseman, USA
50. Nick Bateman, CANADA

51. Noah Centineo, USA
52. Deniz Can Aktas, TURKEY
53. Daniel Radcliffe, ENGLAND
54. Hu Yitian, CHINA
55. Shahid Kapoor, INDIA
56. Nick Jonas, USA
57. Kit Harrington, ENGLAND
58. Nam Joo Hyuk, KOREA
59. Darren Chen, TAIWAN
60. Cha Eun Woo, KOREA

61. Jensen Ackles, USA
62. Douglas Booth, ENGLAND
63. Adam Levine, USA
64. Song Joong-Ki, KOREA
65. Chase Crawford, USA
66. Piolo Pascual, PHILIPPINES
67. David Beckham, ENGLAND
68. Choi Siwon, KOREA
69. Liam Hemsworth, AUSTRALIA
70. Gong Yoo, KOREA

71. Jericho Rosales, PHILIPPINES
72. Jared Padalecki, USA
73. Daniel Matsunaga, BRAZIL
74. Park Bo-Gum, KOREA
75. Mario Maurer, THAILAND
76. Fattah Amin, MALAYSIA
77. Paul Iskandar, LEBANON
78. Max Nattapol, THAILAND
79. Jung Hae-In, KOREA
80. Francisco Escobar, COLOMBIA

81. Niall Horan, IRELAND
82. Thanit Itthipat, THAILAND
83. Hideo Muraoka, BRAZIL
84. Xavier Serrano, SPAIN
85. Seung Hwan Lee, KOREA
86. Cameron Dallas, USA
87. Antonin Beranek Muz Roku, CZECH REPUBLIC
88. Aakash Shresta, NEPAL
89. Pedro Mendes, SWITZERLAND
90. Alex Hogh Andersen, DENMARK

91. Rohit Khandelwal, INDIA
92. Maxi Iglesias, SPAIN
93. Stephen James, ENGLAND
94. Bruno Gagliasso, BRAZIL
95. Antoine Griezmann, FRANCE
96. Mario Casas, SPAIN
97. Park Hyung-Sik, KOREA
98. Imran Abbas, PAKISTAN
99. Alexey Vorobyov, RUSSIA
100. Ross Butler, USA


1. USA with 21 entries including 1 finalist
2. Korea with 16 entries including the winner
3. England with 12 entries
4. Thailand with 5 entries including the runner up
5. Brazil, Philippines, Canada, Spain, and China have 4 entries each

32 Comments on 100 Sexiest Men in the World – Full List

  1. I don’t see Jungkook as Hot i only see him as Cute he doesn’t have that Sex appeal tho…

  2. Ha ha.. Jungkook can be sexy with out even trying.. If your are complaining about your idol not top on the list.. Well better luck next time.. Just bcoz your idol had six pack abs doesn’t mean they are sexy. Btw jk had abs too😂😂😂

  3. Anonymous // March 28, 2020 at 12:55 pm //

    Ha ha.. Jungkook can be sexy with out even trying.. If your are complaining about your idol not top on the list.. Well better luck next time.. Just bcoz your idol had six pack abs doesn’t mean they are sexy. Btw jk had abs too😂😂😂

  4. EXO kai hi is the sexiest man in the world and I love him so much please vete for my Kim jongin 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🍯🍯🍯🍯

  5. Para mí lee mi Ho es mas sexi

  6. ming minho // November 10, 2019 at 7:13 pm //

    Choi minho

  7. Jesusa Herrera // November 7, 2019 at 9:29 pm //

    Ji Chang Wook for me! 😍😍😍

  8. Nadech kugimiya

  9. Where is lee seung gi??

  10. Anonymous // November 3, 2019 at 4:51 pm //

    정국의 섹시함은 아무도 따라올수 없다.

  11. Anonymous // November 3, 2019 at 3:08 pm //

    Number 3 Alden Richards

  12. I only know Jungkook in K-pop. And I always watched him in Fake love performance coz he’s sexy in there and the only famous artist that doesn’t like aegyo hahaha

  13. Jungkook is sexier than Kai honey if u think Kai is sexier that cuz u are he’s fan period.

  14. I love this list
    Sure Iam a BTS fan nd I know jungkook is more sexy
    I loved this list

  15. Anonymous // April 8, 2019 at 11:17 am //

    nadech kugimiya 6 packs abs vote the most sexiest men

  16. 나는 첫 번째 야! 나는 너무 행!!!BT

  17. 나는 첫 번째 야! 나는 너무 행복해! 군대에 투표 해 주셔서 대단히 감사합니다 !!!!고맙습니다
    사랑 전 정국!!!!!

  18. InfiresssMannnn // April 4, 2019 at 8:03 am //

    All the non BTS stans are JungSHOOK

  19. Justin Bieber should have been #1

  20. This list should have included Lucky Blue Smith. Just because someone is less well known doesn’t mean that they aren’t as hot. I love BTS and all but just because they are super famous doesn’t mean that they are hot.

  21. How I wish... // January 9, 2019 at 3:39 am //

    Please be professional and just deal with it..

  22. Anastasia // January 4, 2019 at 5:23 pm //

    Чонгук????Фаааак, обалдеть… Для полного счастья не хватите в этом списке Ви))

  23. Well I m sorry that Chris Evans is not number 1, kai isn’t more sexiest than jungkook , kai always act cute and do aegyo but jungkook is known for being manly on stage and in his normal life and he don’t like to act cute . That s true that bts are famous now and that people love them but we can’t deny that jungkook is sexy and a lot of none kpop fans say that .

  24. This is not professional they have so many fan’s it’s like cheating.
    I’m also a kpop fan but this guys look like girls and wear make up it would be better with judges.

  25. been a kpop fan since day 1, but lol are those korean guys really deserve in that rank. I mean, sexiest man is related to heavy personality. These koreans guys just act cute all the time (masculine on the stage ofc), but i would prefer hollywood actors instead of them because they’re the real men

  26. kaleidoscope // December 23, 2018 at 1:24 pm //

    voting base on fans , of course jungkook will win coz they have more fans . that’s suck . this is not professional . we need judges .

  27. I think this is not accurate at all

  28. Maybe because sexiness is not just the hunk body or so. It has more of it that Jungkook surely have it.

  29. Just because they have more fans doesn’t mean they are the most sexiest men

  30. Kai is sexier than jungkook, he won because he is more famous than Kai.

  31. you know who // December 22, 2018 at 5:06 am //

    hmmm I cannot agree chris evans not number 1 … just because jongkook have more fan base

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