Kim Chiu Gets Possessed by a Demon in ‘MMK’

Kim Chiu gets possessed by an evil spirit as Sarah in a chilling battle of good vs. evil in this Saturday’s (November 24) episode of “MMK.”

Since childhood, Sarah had premonitions that allowed her to foresee tragedies—including events that have shaken the world.

Sarah eventually marries Michael (Edgar Allan Guzman), a loving and patient husband who will care for her despite the challenges to Sarah’s physical and spiritual well-being—including her blindness, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and the continuous dark visions she encounters.

One day, Sarah is advised by a friend to consult a priest in the Archdiocese of Manila. There, the priest points out that the cause of her unexplainable health situation and visions were dark forces – or what is called “demonic oppression” a lesser form of “demonic possession.”

The priest also attributes Sarah’s situation to her unvented anger towards her parents.

Will Sarah ever find peace in her life? Will she be able to fully reconcile with her parents?

Also in the episode are Irma Adlawan and Rey PJ Abellana. This episode is under the direction of Topel Lee and written by Akeem Jordan del Rosario and Arah Jell Badayos.

Don’t miss the longest-running drama anthology in Asia, “MMK,” every Saturday on ABS-CBN.

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