MEGA Sardines Launches Short Film ‘Tipidity’ for its #MegaGandaAngBuhay Campaign

Peek into the pantry of any Filipino home and you will find a can of sardines—the all-time favorite mealtime fare of Filipino families.
Need a hearty breakfast to start off your day? Pop a can of sardines. Paired with sinangag or bread, made into an omelette, sautéed with your favorite veggies, or simply eaten straight from the can, sardines are so versatile and easy to prep that no kitchen should ever be without it.

MEGA Sardines’ “Tipidity” follows the story of a young newlywed couple played by Karl Medina and Kia Del Rosario who are suddenly overwhelmed by the financial responsibilities that they need to hurdle.

Because sardines are a staple at mealtimes, it is witness to the happy chatter and precious bonding moments shared by Filipino families at the dining table.

This priceless custom is what comes to mind as MEGA Sardines, the Number 1 sardines brand in the Philippines, officially launches its new digital campaign and promise of #MegaGandaAngBuhay, a world play on “May iga-ganda ang buhay.” Through a troika of compelling and relatable short films, the campaign aims to present heartwarming everyday slice-of-life narratives that every Filipino can relate to.
For instance, in its debut short film titled “Tipidity,” MEGA Sardines tells the story of young newlyweds (played by Karl Medina and Kia Del Rosario) who, accustomed as they are to their easygoing lifestyle, are suddenly overwhelmed by the financial responsibilities that couples need to hurdle.

Kia Del Rosario breathes life into a fun, quirky, and very relatable character in MEGA Sardines’ “Tipidity.”

While enjoying delicious and affordable MEGA Sardines, the newlyweds realize that they need to watch their daily expenditures to make ends meet.

Director and public relations specialist Chris Cahilig, who is the director behind a slew of viral, award-winning short films for various brands, notes that “Tipidity” and the rest of the #MegaGandaAngBuhay shorts hit close to home as they “cast a new light on timeless Filipino themes and values through humor, sentiments, or a perfect blend of both.”

Actor Karl Medina delivers yet another convincing performance in “Tipidity,” MEGA Sardines’ debut short film under its #MegaGandaAngBuhay campaign.

“MegaGanda Ang Buhay imparts a message of optimism, passion, and resilience as it narrates the story of the ordinary Filipino in a contemporary and extraordinary way,” Cahilig points out. “Tipidity is all about having a positive mindset—one that assures us that even when the present times call for practicality, we can live an easy, comfortable, and good-quality life through simple and doable means.
“Through Tipidity and the rest of the MegaGanda Ang Buhay videos, we would like to show that MEGA has always been the Filipino consumers’ go-to brand of sardines, especially in the most sensitive phases and transitions in their lives.”

“Tipidity” and the rest of the #MegaGandaAngBuhay shorts aim to present everyday slice-of-life narratives that Filipino families can relate to.

Aside from “Tipidity,” MEGA Sardines is set to launch two more inspiring short films—“Adulting” and “First Day”—under its #MegaGandaAngBuhay campaign during the final quarter of the year. The videos can be viewed on MEGA Sardines’ official Facebook page.
“Tipidity” was made possible by Tiu Lim Foundation (executive producer), Rommel Sales (cinematography), Yuji Gonzales (screenplay), Alec Figuracion (offline editor), Kenneth Amparo (online editor), Melai Entuna (line producer), Clark Lopez (assistant director), Kat Salinas (sound design), Richard Gonzales (scoring), Yani Bautista (production manager), and Johanna Evangelista (production coordinator). “Tipidity” was shot at Amaia Skies Sta. Mesa.

Through compelling acting and narrative, “Tipidity” casts a new light on timeless Filipino themes and values through humor, sentiments, or a mix of both.

Manufactured by Mega Global Corporation, MEGA Sardines offers the freshest and most delicious sardines packed within 12 hours from catching to canning. It is available in easy-to-open cans and pouch formats for convenience. MEGA Sardines is available in supermarkets nationwide, with a wide array of variants like MEGA Sardines in Tomato Sauce, Tomato Sauce with Chili, Spanish-Style, Natural Oil; MEGA Extra Hot Sardines; MEGA Fried Sardines Tausi and MEGA Fried Sardines Hot and Spicy.

For more information about MEGA Sardines and its #MegaGandaAngBuhay campaign, visit or

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