‘Gigil’ Kid Carlo Mendoza Adopted by Bayani and Karla in ‘Funny Ka, Pare Ko’

Bigboy (Bayani Agbayani) and Carla’s (Karla Estrada) patience in raising a child is being tested once more as they become first time foster parents to Niknok (Carlo ‘gigil kid’ Mendoza) in “Funny Ka, Pare Ko.”

Because of heightened excitement, Bigboy excessively spoils Niknok. Carla advises Bigboy to avoid spoiling their new son so he won’t become too dependent on them when he grows up. Will Bigboy follow Carla’s advice or will this be a root cause of a fight? Meanwhile, Bayani and Karla were named as Best Actor and Best Actress for a Comedy Program for portraying the Delyon couple in the 26th KBP Golden Dove Awards. Don’t miss a new episode of “Funny Ka, Pare Ko” this Sunday at 5 PM on ABS-CBN TVplus’ CineMo.

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