Erich Faces Twin Sister Head-On in ‘The Blood Sisters’

Erika (Erich Gonzales) will make sure Agatha gets a taste of her wrath as she battles against her twin sister in hopes of reuniting with her missing son and exposing Agatha’s lies in “The Blood Sisters.”

The twin’s paths finally crossed once again after Agatha attended the funeral mass for Erika’s missing son. However, Erika rejected Agatha’s condolences and immediately confronted her and questioned her sudden disappearance, even her association with Paraiso, the syndicate that abducted Erika’s son.

However, Agatha still managed to get her family’s sympathy with her convincing act and pretended to care about her family after what happened.

Despite Erika’s hints on her connection with Paraiso, Agatha will still continue to work for the syndicate with Rocco (Jake Cuenca) to secure its riches. Erika, driven by her firm belief that her son is alive, will make sure that everyone responsible for her son’s disappearance will pay, even if it is her own sister.

Will Erika ever see her son again?

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