Kim Chiu Starrer ‘The Ghost Bride’ Premieres on Cinema One

Have a hair-raising movie night with the family as Cinema One airs for the first time the exciting 2017 supernatural horror flick, “The Ghost Bride” starring Kim Chiu, this Sunday (May 6).

The Kapamilya actress stars as Mayen, a young lady dealing with unfortunate events who has to choose between leading a normal, difficult life or accepting a strange business proposal for a ghost wedding, an age-old Chinese tradition, in exchange of wealth and a comfortable life for her family. Following is a series of horrifying incidents that will take viewers to the edge of their seats.

Joining Kim in the cast are “Single Single” actor Matteo Guidicelli, Ina Raymundo, Christian Bables, Robert Seña, Beverly Salviejo, Mon Confiado, and Alice Dixon.

The thrilling Star Cinema film is graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board, and has also received rave reviews on its acting, storytelling, and production design.

According to, the lead actress gave a fantastic performance as the titular bride. “Kim Chiu proves to be an incredibly capable dramatic actress as she maneuvers the character with all the grace and fragility it requires,” cited the entertainment site on its “The Ghost Bride” review.

Pablo Tariman of, meanwhile, hailed the master storytelling of Chito Roño as the film’s director. He said, “’The Ghost Bride’ reveals Roño as a superb storyteller. He picks up materials from the past and remolds them to show tradition versus business reality.”

Nazamel Tabares of noted the film’s striking production design. He wrote, “the film doesn’t just offer scares, the production design from the Philippines to Nepal is really impressive.”

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