Sweets For My Sweetie

Surely you don’t wait until February the “love month” to indulge on sweets and chocolates but there’s something about Valentine’s Day that makes sweets a little more scrumptious and valuable especially when handed over by your loved one.

According to a recent survey, during Valentine’s Day the sales and even consumption of chocolates skyrocket which is sort of alarming for health buffs that’s why you need to control and fight the urge of indulging too much on sweets. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to boycott your favourite concoction of exquisite cocoa but just a little reminder of balancing and evening out with simple things just so your sugar doesn’t shoot up! This Valentine’s Day, maybe you should consider unique things like:

• Dining in a restaurant that serves healthy meals. Healthy food helps regulate sugar levels but most definitely will not make you feel guilty you just ate a heavy meal on dinner right?

• There are different ways on how you can show them you love them, there are other gifts you can choose like a bouquet of flowers, books or any of the things she likes.

• If your loved one really prefers sweets or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, there’s no harm in reminding them that too much of it might impact their health, just veer away with the usual notion that it makes them fat—although it really affects the weight, your concern should be on their health, not on how they look.

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