Time to Cozy Up with Family and Friends this Christmas

Christmas is here! This is a great time for families and friends to spend quality time together and bond over their favorite activities.

Those who are busy with work and school most of the year now have time for unlimited “kwentuhan” with their loved ones. My fondest Christmas memories include just hanging out in the kitchen, exchanging stories and joking around as we prepare Noche Buena.

For me, Christmas break is also the perfect time to binge-watch movies and dramas we’ve been meaning to see, but haven’t had the time to watch. It’s always fun to just lounge as a big group in front of the TV and watch to our hearts’ content. We can go with Christmas classics like Home Alone and The Grinch, but we have to make sure to set aside time to rewatch our favorite films that came out this year.

And since we’re excited for some heavy movie and TV marathon, we have to get big snacks to match! We got so excited when we saw at the supermarket just the other day that our favorite Jack’n Jill snacks – Piattos, Chippy and Chiz Curls – now come in bigger sizes – perfect for sharing with family and friends! These are party packs but I heard they’re only available for a limited time this holiday season. Best to stock up on these, then!

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